Zeitgeist The Movie

I recently watched this movie Zeitgeist – The Movie, and I must say, there are some interesting things to it.

And while it hasnt change my views on life and other things as some people claim, there are more then a few things to think about.  Particularly in the first part of the movie, about Christianity, and how it mirrors half a dozen other religions.

The part about 9/11 is eh, I don’t want to go into that because I just don’t.

The parts about the banking individuals controlling America, that’s interesting.

But still, it moves from fact (Part I), to semi sketchy conspiracy (Part II), to The New World Order (Part III).
Either way, it’s worth the watch, even if it is 2 hours long.

Toronto Tetris

Ah, if only you really could build cities the Tetris way.  The only thing the author should have done differently was that once the CN Tower went it, it should have cleared the line.

The Best Door Ever

That door is awesome. Period. End of sentence, awesome. Completely custom made by this guy, it’s two peices of glass etched with the sword on one, and the dragon on the other, then 120 LEDs on the edges sending the light through the glass.

It is a work of art that I really, really, really want to put in my house. Only I’d make my own design. Either way, it’s awesome, and I love it.

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Happy Thanksgiving


 Today is Thanksgiving Day here in America, and, well, there will be not many posts from today till Sunday.  Sorry about that, but I got things to do with family, then things to set up outside, then things to build inside, then probably homework I should do to…

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Upcoming Video Game Movies

No, these proposed movies are never really going to come out, but, it’s nice to think about them anyway.

My personal favorites would either be Tetris, or Super Mario Galaxy directed by Richard Kelly, i mean, look at the cast:

Kelly’s version would star Hulk Hogan, Dame Judi Dench, all five Backstreet Boys, Dolph Lundgren, Downtown Julie Brown, 50 Cent, Dan Akroyd, Police Academy‘s Michael Winslow, and — through the magic of CGI — Sir Laurence Olivier.

The only it could get better would be to have Bruce Willis in it somehow.