Secret Staircase


The only thing wrong with these stairs is that you can see the outline in the wall.  If you can get rid of/hide that, they would be the ultimate staircase ever! Read More {Gizmodo}

Tetris, played using a car


Yes, those people are using a car to play Tetris.  Yes this reinforces the notion that Tetris is the greatest game of all time.  Yes the controls probably do suck compared to the original. Read More {MAKE}

LED lamp powered by your Phone


This lamp plugs into your telephone jack on the wall, and uses the current through there to power 12 LEDs.  This makes it free! It only costs $5, but here’s one for $3.78

All hail the Dough Boy


Not since i stumbled to the Sense Picture, have i laughed so hard while stumbling.

Internet People!


This is a great video showing all the best internet fads that have come and gone, and are still here over the years…hmmm, now that i think about it, one of my favorite ones, the LOLcats aren’t there…well, i guess they aren’t really “people” oh well.

LEGO spaceship, old school style


It’s things like this which is why LEGOs were invented.  A complete LEGO scaled model of a spaceship.  100% custom made and designed, the detail on this is amazing.  Something you don’t get from other sets I’ve seen. There’s so many more photos on the website, and so much information, i suggest you go read … Continued

Land at These Airports at your own Risk


Here’s a collection of the most scariest airports i have ever seen. Most are the basic island that’s 200 feet wide and has a runway on it. But some are just genuinely scary. Please someone tell me how you land a plane at that one?

Animated GIF’s…they still suck, but make you laugh


Animated GIF’s may be 10 years old, but sometimes they still do manage to make you laugh . WOWT has a collection of some animated GIF’s most are stupid, but some are pretty decent, like the two i posted above.

Get Motivated…with these posters


Yes, that is indeed an awesome picture. sometimes these ones are pretty good, like the first one on this page. Where as most of the ones on this site are all RPG based, and i don’t get them, nor do i care too much. But Snakes on a Plane, yes, that was a good one. … Continued

Great way to freak people out


I have to say, that this is indeed an interesting concept.  I love it.  I think we should try it, but first, we need to get our projector working through the car’s electrical system, shouldn’t be too hard