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For the past two weeks we’ve been using TendonUSA cables for much of our Audio and Video needs, the verdict, they are awesome, in many ways.

Bottom line, spend your money here, you get more cable for your buck.

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First up of the cables we have in this review is the Optical cable.

The quality of the cable is amazing compared to the original optical cables I’ve been using. Compared to the Monster one we are using for our main setup, there is no discernable difference in quality, and since this cable costs much less then the Monster one, (or any Optical Cable for that matter) go with it.

Next up is the Subwoofer cable.

It too is very well made. Sound quality wise, there is still no difference between this one, and the Monster one.

The HDMI – DVI cable is next.

This one we hooked up to my Xbox 360 which had an HDMI port, and connected it to my Monitor. Bottom line, everything looks good in HD.

The one on the left is regular VGA set at 720p, and the one on the right is the HDMI – DVI at 1080i.
Again the cable is well made, and durable. This was the only wire that, we didn’t have any other cables to test it against for quality comparisons, but, I have no fears that it lives up to its companions.

Next up are two DVI cables, DVI – I Male to DVI – I Male, and the other is a Div – D Male to DVI – D Male cable.

The left is the DVI – I, and the right is the DVI – D

Same thing goes for these cables, they produce the same image as the regular DVI cables we’re using. Both Mike and I weren’t able to find a noticeable difference between our two monitors, and our two computers and our original cables, and these new ones, and, by the way, they are cheap.

HD CSI, on the left is my original cable, and the right is the Tendon one

Last on the list is the Component Video Cable

Again, the quality is excellent, and on par with our original cables, and the price is nothing compared to Monster ones.

Some things to note about all the cables:

  • All cables come with a velcro cable-tie, very useful so you don’t get that
  • The packaging the cables come in takes 10 seconds to open, and requires no knifes or scissors at all. (that alone is reason enough for me)
  • All the cables are very inexpensive, compared to regular (over)priced cables you’d get at Best Buy
  • The cables are made to last. We plugged in, unplugged, tangled up, did all sorts of things with these cables, and they last
  • They look good. The light gray color scheme is nice.

In the end, we at Deadly Computer recommend these cables. If you’re looking for some cheap, high quality cables, TendonUSA provides for you.

They also have Coax Video, Composite, and S-Video, USB, Firewire, and Ethernet cables. They could use some VGA cables, or some extensions, because those are expensive, but very useful.

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