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iPod Touch can’t play through Xbox 360

We like to play Halo and listen to music at the same time.  It makes the game much more interesting.  Usually, we’ve been able to have our receiver on multiple inputs, analog for sound, and digital for video.  We plugged my iPod, or Mike’s Zune into the receiver via the headphone jack.  However, that is not possible on our new receiver.  To cirvumvent it, we figure we would listen to the music through the Xbox 360, after all, Halo 3 is a 360 title, and supports it (unlike Halo 2).

This is when we found out that the iPod touch does not show up to the Xbox 360:

All there are connected to my Xbox 360 via the 3 USB ports.  Notice that the 360 detects the Zune on the left, and my 5th gen iPod, “dead phoneix” (the name is a long story), but nowhere does it see my iPod touch, Outland.

This is probably because of the lack of a file system in it.  Hopefully MS, or Apple will release an update to fix this problem, but it’s doubtful.  I guess we’ll just have to find some other ways to listen to music, or use the Zune, or other iPod…

Here’s another picture showing the whole screen, its kinda blurry, sorry.

(yes, that is a projector screen that we play Halo 3 on)

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I bought an iPod touch recently and found this out as well. What’s interesting is that the Xbox 360 won’t detect the device for music or video but it will for pictures, but alas it won’t show any pictures from the iPod touch. I hope this can be fixed as I charge my iPod through my Xbox 360 sometimes anyways.

you know, I didn’t even try it for pictures, just music, and videos…
Not that it matters cause streaming pictures is one of the things the 360 does well.

It’s because the iPod and iPhone have different file paths (what the 360 follows to get choonz) from their predecessors/other iPods.

This is because they essentially run a custom version of OS X and other iPods don’t. This would mean a different file path is used and things the XBox uses as “signposts” to find the music aren’t there, or re-named.

Sorry it’s a shit explanation, but that is why 😀

Q: Can I play music from my iPhone or iPod Touch?

A: No. The iPhone and and iPod Touch use a different mechanism for storing music than a traditional iPod, and the Xbox 360 console can’t play music from those sources. However, you can browse pictures stored on these devices through the Media area of the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Q&A page.

Will the new iPod touch update (v1.1.3) help? cause I hacked my iPod and i don’t want to update it, but if it will help me listen to music through my 360 i will happily un-hack it.

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