Google Tops $700

In under a month, shares of Google stock have risen from $595 up to the current price of $702.  I just have to say, that is incredible, and I’m glad I still have my 1 share I was able to get when it was down at a more believable $300

Crazy Marble contraptions

I want to know how to get this job because it looks so awesome.  I’m sure it takes awhile to think up the situation, and then test it, and then get it working, but still, i want that job.

Picture of Everyting

The Picture of Everything reminds me of a kid in my high school who drew a 15 foot mural of a bunch of cartoon, video game, and anime characters, it was pretty sweet.  Anyway, this one is pretty good too.  and, simply because Agumon is included, it makes it awesome!

There are a few more pictures of Space, and Lands and other stuff too, check it out.

More Drawings {UNEASYsilence}