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Google Offices Mario Themed

Really, Google seems like the best place to work ever.  They recently had a decorate the office contest to the theme games.  The Google Code guys choose to do a Super Mario Bros Theme.  Really, I want to work there…

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Google Tops $700

In under a month, shares of Google stock have risen from $595 up to the current price of $702.  I just have to say, that is incredible, and I’m glad I still have my 1 share I was able to get when it was down at a more believable $300

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Crazy Marble contraptions

I want to know how to get this job because it looks so awesome.  I’m sure it takes awhile to think up the situation, and then test it, and then get it working, but still, i want that job.

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Egg art

Holy crap, this person is talented, that’s all i have to say really, wow.  Oh, and in case you can’t figure it out, those are empty egg shells.

Here are two more insane works:

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Tetris Quilt

This is offically the greatest quilt ever made, and backs up my reasoning that Tetris is everywhere.

read more {MAKE}

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TendonUSA Cables

For the past two weeks we’ve been using TendonUSA cables for much of our Audio and Video needs, the verdict, they are awesome, in many ways.

Bottom line, spend your money here, you get more cable for your buck.

Read the full review after the click:

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The Internet Page

Like this map of the internet from XKCD, here is a page using Google Maps like navigation to map all the IPv4 addresses of the internet, yes, all 4,294,967,296 of them.

Try it yourself

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The Indoor Sundial

Yes, that’s a lamp connected to a motor that accurately reproduces the rotation of the Earth to provide you with a working Sundial for when the sun isn’t shining.

this and many more useful inventions here!

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Picture of Everyting

The Picture of Everything reminds me of a kid in my high school who drew a 15 foot mural of a bunch of cartoon, video game, and anime characters, it was pretty sweet.  Anyway, this one is pretty good too.  and, simply because Agumon is included, it makes it awesome!

There are a few more pictures of Space, and Lands and other stuff too, check it out.

More Drawings {UNEASYsilence}

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Everyone Loves a Parade

some for different reasons then others…