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iPod Touch Unboxing

iPod Touch box front zune and ipods

This evening I went to the store, and went into the Apple Store to look at the new iPods, I do not like them at all, the iPod Classic looks cheesy, and the iPod nano does indeed look like crap. The Red shuffle is the nicest looking of all the new iPods. All of this is excluding the iPod Touch of course. Out of curiosity, I asked if they had any Touches, and they did, so right then and there I bought an 8 gb version. I was putting off getting one till the Apple Store online said they were shipping now, turns out it was a good idea to wait. Anyway, here is my unboxing of it after the click:

click images for full size

top side
top of the box side of the box
open with open without
open box with iPod open box without iPod
out of box empty box
out of box empty box
instructions stickers
thing with instructions in it instruction sheet, and stickers
top bottom
top of the thing that tells about the iPod bottom of the thing that tells about the iPod
bag of accessories accessories
bag of accessories the accessories
itunes stp1 itunes stp2
iTunes setup step 1 iTunes setup step 2
itunes stp3 itunes stp4
iTunes setup step 3 iTunes setup step 4
syncing it up to my iTunes

Unboxing was pretty easy, and very very minimal. I like the new box where it’s like a present, and the top lifts off the bottom, no folds to have to rip open on the 5th gen version. You might wonder why the name is Outland, well, the answer is s simple one. On my desk is sitting the DVD of the movie Outland (which we rented for the sole purpose of it having Sean Connery on the cover with a shotgun, and wasn’t exactly a great movie), and for lack of a better name, I chose that.

Setup was easy, 4 little steps of clicking next, and yes, and so on. Syncing it took only about 5 mins. I have 18.43 GB of music, but I only really listen to 2-4 GB of it ever. Right now i only synced a few playlists, and I’ll be making some more soon.

Now, here are some comparison shots of it with various other mp3 players:

all tops all bottoms
Zune, iPod 4th gen, iPod 5th gen, iPod nano 1st gen, iPod Touch Zune, iPod 4th gen, iPod 5th gen, iPod nano 1st gen, iPod Touch
stacked side stacked bottom
Zune, iPod 4th gen, iPod 5th gen, iPod Touch, iPod nano 1st gen Zune, iPod 4th gen, iPod 5th gen, iPod Touch, iPod nano 1st gen
nano and touch zune and touch
iPod nano next to iPod Touch Zune next to iPod Touch
ipod screens on zune screen on
iPod Video and Touch screens Zune and Touch screens
all screens
Zune, 4th, 5th, Touch screens on

The size of this thing is amazing! I knew it was going to be skinny, but I didn’t know it would be just about as thin as the 1st gen nanos! Compared to the Zune, it’s tiny. It’s about 1/3 the thickness of the Zune from my guess. The screen is pretty bright, it was hard to get a photo with all the backlights on at the same time (the nano doesn’t work at all), (I know, I could have turned backlight on all the time, but I didn’t want to). I haven’t done extensive use of photos on the Touch compared to the other two, (5th gen, and Zune), but I bought this iPod for music, and the internet (probably). I won’t put many photos on it, and probably one or two videos on it for the first week, to show off to everyone of course.

As far as the interface goes, I haven’t had time to play around with it much, but it’s much the same as the iPhone. I haven’t been able to try out the wi-fi yet because we bricked our wireless router yesterday, and are in the process of making a new one.

Other notes:

  • The back gets greasy and full of fingerprints real quick!
  • I should get a screen protector
  • The USB cable has a smaller dock connector part
  • It’s very light
  • Despite what people complained about the screen, I think it’s gorgeous

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thanks, I was looking for my friend’s 40 gb iPod 4th gen cause that one is really thick, but she didn’t have it on her at the time. It would have been a nice addition to the stack

2 of my friends have 4gb zunes. I like how you can turn it sideways for larger views, but I like ipods a lot more. 8gb touches are going to be $230. I have the 3rd gen nano and I want to get rid of it to get the touch.

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