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Will you survive the Halocaust?

This video starts out as a nice history lesson about Halo, everyone’s favorite video game.  It quickly turns into stupidness because Halo 4 should not ever come out but then redeems itself by naming the Grand Canyon to Blood Gulch.  Then the world destroys itself in the Halocaust.

— Spoiler ahead —

Yes, this sounds like a truly awesome future, especially as a tie in to the story of the game, we all knew that the humans were the Forerunners.

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Firefox Pencils: “Take Back the Paper”

For only about $100 this guy made 500 Firefox Branded pencils.  Using this customized Firefox Logo:

Very nice my friend, very nice.

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Evil Nazi Plot foiled after 40 years

40 years after it was built, and 2 years after it was first spotted on the internet, the US Navy is finally about to take action on a collection of barracks at the Coronado Naval Amphibious Base which, when viewed from above, look like a Swastika.

Now, what Nazi plot might you be asking about, well, this one for starters:

According to these stories, the building was designed by evil Nazis, who infiltrated the US Navy to execute their cunning plan for a Swastika building, with other aeroplane-shaped buildings “pointing at it”. This building would then deliver their message of hate across the globe, just as soon as someone bothered to invent the internet, Google and then Google Earth…

That is a good conspericy theory right there, and give me a few minutes, and I’ll add another one to it.

In reality, it’s just a bunch of buildings that look like a Swastika, and only because the Navy was trying to save some money by not redesigning it when in 1967, nearly no one would actually notice it.
This is what I think happened, Hitler and the Nazis were being given orders from the aliens (or possibly humans from the future, you can choose that part). The aliens were determined to control the planet, and they thought that the humans would more easily bow to their new leader through a war at their own hands. Then when Hitler was Supreme Ruler of The Planet, they would come down, and announce their presence. Hitler would then voluntary step down from his high thrown, and be given a new title. The aliens would then do what they pleased with the humans, possible use us as slaves, possible turn us into robot warriors to serve them in their own galactic war between them and the Fillisaians from the Alpha Centari system. Either way, we would have been at their mercy.

Now, after Hitler was defeated, his staff fled to all the corners of the globe. Hitler kept his senior staff informed of his true intentions, and they were all give orders to make contact with the aliens as soon as possible, and as often as possible. Obviously one of Hitler’s senior staff made it to the US, and became an architect and then tried to make contact.

Did it work? Are they here? Is their galactic war over? We may never know…

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Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days, the blame lies entirely on Halo 3.  It has consumed me.

It’s a great game, the ending was perfect, kinda short though, but good.

Multiplayer is awesome, even though they completely broke Territories, which was our favorite one, but tonight we made an even better variant by accident.

Live is the same, I’m lord xeon on there, anyone out there that plays, should add me and we can play sometime…

Anyway, time to go play some more….

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Firefox, Opera, IE

That is a great pictorial repersentation of the differences between Firefox, Opera, and IE, wish there was Safari too.

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View Lyrics missing on iPod Touch

One of my favorite features on the 5th gen iPods was the option to view the Lyrics of the currently playing song. This was a particularly useful function to me because I like to read the lyrics of the songs sometimes if I don’t know a line, or if someone else doesn’t know it, or when disputes arise. Granted, there is no automatic way to download lyrics to the music files like there is Album Art (get on this Apple), I am OCD about it, and get the ones I care about all manually.

This very useful features is missing completely on the iPod touch. Now, I know that this probably wasn’t the most loved, or used feature, but it was very useful. In the week I have had to play with my iPod touch, I haven’t seen any way to get to it.

This is my first request:

Apple please, put this feature back into the iPod Touch via a software update.

This is my second request:

Apple or hackers, come up with an option for the iPod to automatically download the song lyrics when connected to wi-fi.


Robot Spys Disguised as Maple Seeds

That looks like a maple seed, well, the top is, the bottom is a super high-tech spy gadget right out of Q’s Lab, except totally real, and developed by one of my favorite companies of all time, Lockheed Martin {wiki} makers of only the best defense technology for the US DoD.

This little seed is supposed to be able to capture digital images of the battlefield, and have communications and navigation control and a power source.

I just have to say if anyone can do it, it’s my good friends at Lockheed Martin.

Now just comes the threats of when these become self aware. Because when they do we will have essentially created limitless security drones for the robots…oh the holes we dig for ourselves…
read more {Gizmodo}

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Simpsons scenes from Real Movies

The Adventures of Accordion Guy has a nice collection of Simpson’s scenes that mirror famous scenes from various movies. There are a bunch more on the site, and there has to be more that aren’t shown, with over 300 episodes, there’s gotta be more then a few dozen references.

UPDATE: Seems like this site was the original posting, and has quite a few more references too.

Thanks Dario.

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Chuck Norris does not Blend

Chuck Norris proves once again that he is a force to be reckoned with. Not content with millions of completely true facts about him, the people over at Will it Blend decided to test for themselves.

Spoiler alert, Chuck survives, but you already knew that.

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Speed Trap vs. Little kids

These two little kids must be given a pat on the back.  Together, they completely ruined a perfect speed trap set up by a cop.  And in the process, made a little extra money too.