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Different money

Pennylicious has some very good examples of different, and fun money.  My favorites below:

Completely legal tender, the 10,000 bill was made from 1945-1969, and let me tell you this, looks weird.

Though unofficial, i would still get one, when i go to Antarctica.

Completely awesome, mostly hand drawn, although some computer made ones, J.S.G. Boggs has created some awesome money.  And it’s legal to accept it too.

a stumble awesome DIY

Light Letters

I will speak from experience, those are hard to do.  Especially with a non-digital slr.  But still awesome nonetheless.

a stumble awesome haha!

Just Awesome

I cannot agree more, this image is awesome!

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Video game vs. Real life

Here’s a nice comparison of video game characters with real life people who look like them.

Personally, i think Jason Statham should have played Agent 47, in the upcoming Hitman movie.

This one is a no brainer, they look exactly the same.

Haha, figures, this one would come up.

Anyway, the ones there aren’t so bad, some good, some stupid, some a stretch.


B-52, not for sale

The B-52 Stratofortress is a 52 year old US bomber still in  active service.  Capable of delivering atomic  payloads to nearly anyplace on the planet, it is indeed a n awesome sight.

There are many reasons why a rich Russian would want to buy one, but just the shear awe of it would be enough for me.  Oh, and the $500,000,000.00 “on the spot” as the US military delegates there said it would cost well “That is no problem. It is such a cool machine” the Russian replied.

Gizmodo {Reuters}

awesome computer DIY haha! video

DIY electric fence

Ok, so yes this is very, very dangerous, but, i can’t say that i’m not intrigued by it, i kinda want to do it actually, crt monitors are a dime a dozen, and i haven’t died with any of the other things i’ve done who knows!

MAKE {instructables}

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Life in Prison

Ah, the Austrian’s have greatly changed their prison’s.  Why just 60 years ago they used to include such exotic things like Gas chambers, and crematoriums, and the cells looked like this:

Now they have full court indoor basketball courts, a game room, and a very nicely furnished cell:

Ah how times have changed {Mauthausen Concentration Camp}

awesome google internet video

Final Gmail video

Google had Gmail users the world over make short 10 second clips of them passing the Gmail envelope to each other, and submit the videos to be included in a final one to be spliced together and shown online.

Well, the above is the official final video, very nicely done.  There were some very good, unique ones, i liked the LEGO one, but thats me.

a stumble haha! video

How to scare someone

This guy decides to scare the shit out of his wife by dressing up as Darth Vader. I have to hand it to him, amazing. However, I don’t know if you’d want to do that to your wife though. Maybe that roommate you hate…

a stumble awesome DIY haha!

Paper Tetris

Useless yes, already printed out and made, also yes.