Good vs. Evil


This strech of highway in Wisconsin may seem harmless, but on either side lies two mortal enemies.  One loves everyone, and provides good, clean drinking water to the people of Plover Wisconsin.  The other attempts to derail trains, cause accidents, injects poison into the water supply, and hates everyone, espically his opposite. That’s right, these … Continued



There are some awesome custom mail boxes here, if i ever move to a town that requires my mail box on the side of the road like that, i totally intend to make an awesome custom one, probably with a few LEDs.

Wow, what a week


So, as you no doubt noticed, we are finally back online no thanks to a week of internet hell i’ve been through. 2 Linksys routers, 2 calls to tech support, and a future visit by the cable people to fix my internet, but, i made it through it all. Sorry for the long absence, hopefully … Continued

Amazing Lightning Picture


I found this on gaming site Kotaku relating to something completely not important, something about the Wii selling a lot in Australia, but I thought it was a great lightning picture. I really love lightning pictures, especially at night lightning pictures.

Heavy Rain + Sewer = Awesome


Now, i wouldnt want to be one of the cars driving when this happened, but, standing on the bridge looking at it, i wouldnt mind that at all…

Alternative Server Cooling


Somehow, i think Res Life would probably not have enjoyed us using this method to cool our computers either. (I totally meant to post this last week)

The Wiki White Board


There is a strong probability that this will be in my room next year…

Wooden everything?


At first glance that looks like an almost normal house.  Lets have a look inside: Still looks kinda normal, but slightly uncomfortable. Ok, now its getting weird.  The wooden books just push it over the edge… The car is completely wooden…weird

Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods


So Indiana Jones is actually being filmed. Hopefully it will not be an abomination. But I woke up this morning surprised by a headline on the front page pf my local newspaper saying, “‘Indiana Jones’ casting call starts today.” I give it a read, thinking that its just for extras and for some random reason … Continued