This will save your life in a fire!


Now would you want to use that?  What is that lovely device you ask?  Well, it’s really simple really, it’s a Toilet snorkel.  What is a Toilet Snorkel you ask, well, thats simple too.  It is a breathing apparatus that allows one to breathe fresh air during a fire in an apartment building. I’m sorry, … Continued

The Best House Ever


Granted, it’s not underground, and probably would not sustain a nuclear war like my dream house, but this is an awesome house.  The teacher who graded it must be shot, because they don’t see the sheer imagination that this young child has.

The best Guitar of all time


Instead of the customary Gold Plated AK-47 that most dictators request when they gain power, i am so requesting this one instead…just for display, i’ll still have a fully functional AK-47 on my person at all times, its just good personal security…

Perfectly Balanced


These are some perfectly balanced works.  Lots of patience went into stacking these everyday items.

World of Cards


That looks like an awesome building right.  Whats even awseomer is that it’s made of cards, don’t beleive me, look: Thats damn impressive that is.  Personally i like the V building best. But don’t breathe when you look at these, or this might happen:

Countdown till Armageddon


Countdown till Armageddon, well, at least when the Mayan calender anyway, which says it’ll be on 12.21.2012, a year after my sources which state it will happen in 2011.  Either way, we don’t have much time left,  so you better do all you want to do. Which reminds me, i have a few things to … Continued

Vitural Stapler


This site serves absolutely no purpose what so ever…

Birth of an Island


How often does something like this happen?  These lucky people witnessed the birth of a brand new island. Personally, this is something i would so want to see for myself.  If not for the extreme uniqueness of it, at the very least, i would claim that new island as my own.  I hope those people … Continued

Water Balloon fight x100


Quite possibly one of the best things to do with surgical tubing, fill it with water, watch it expand over 700% in width, and 140% in length, cut it into cid sized portions, and then spray each other with the “high pressure” water jets.



I don’t really get this photo, but needless to say, it’s just amazing anyway, which is why im posting it.