Most complex scientific thing being turned on in November…


Could this be the begining of the end for us?

The Large Hadron Collider promises to recreate the conditions right after the Big Bang

Does anyone else get kinda scared when scientists want to recreate the conditions after the Big Bang using the largest particle accelerator …cause i do.

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2 responses to “Most complex scientific thing being turned on in November…

  1. Was “time” created when the universe created or was it pre-existing?If time was created with the creation of the universe, then when they turn this on and it works, could they create a way to see time~past/future?

  2. -luxxar

    interesting question, and i think that that deserves it’s own post, because well, i like that question, and have many, many things to say about it, so in the immediate future, look for my response to that question, and the other questions it arises

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