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Awesome fish tank

This is an awesome fish tank.  It is completly sealed on all sides except for a series of holes with cups in them.  These cups allow the fish to come out to be fed, looked at and even pet if you so wish.  Totally custom built really awesome nonetheless.

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LED throwies, corporate edition

Remember LED throwies? Those little diy magnetic led bundels?  Well, they have gone corporate, and in the process lost all their awesomness.  Known now as Glowies, they only have one LED, not the multicolored ones of the diys.  $24.99 for a pack of 18, for the same price i can make so many more cooler ones using parts bought off ebay.

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any iPod = flash based

While this is alittle more “indepth” then the iPod Mini to flash conversion, it still is a worthy DIY project, as soon as compact flash cards approach 32+ gb in size, and decrease in price.

Right now the guy over at Geektechnique has come up with a way to make a connector, however it needs to be hand soldered together, and not everyone is as skilled as he is. But, he’s trying to get it into production, which would be awesome nonetheless, and as soon as cf cards go down in price, and up in capacity, i’ll be getting one of these.

awesome DIY

Ball Bearing Clock

Hacked Gadgets has this is an interesting clock, it used 19 mm diameter ball bearings to tell the time.  I’m sure it’s overly complicated, and overly expensive, but it is interesting nonetheless. video and another picture after the click:

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What those sayings really mean

Here’s a list of common words and phrases, and what they really mean.

My favorites:

  • The only person who understood the thing quit
    • We can’t fix the bug so we’ve documented it and are calling it a “feature”.

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    Google TiSP

    Introducing Google TiSP, free broadband wireless internet for the home service, utilizing your existing sewer lines.

    While this really isn’t one of the best April Fool’s joke’s Google has done, their FAQ page is very good, particurally towards the end.

    Also for those who love paper hard copies, there’s Gmail Paper.  Which, surprisingly, i find to be something that may be scarily useful to some people.