Evolving Robots?


In case you were fairly unaware, we seem to have a fixation with robots taking over the world and destroying the human race.  It’s kind of hard not to think that way, especially when people invent things like hardware that can evolve itself.

The details are a little sparse, but more or less this single PCB board can turn “genes” on and off to figure out the best way to handle a given situation. The result?

Just like in the real world it can take 20 to 30 thousand generations before the system finds the perfect design to solve the problem, but this will happen in just a few seconds compared to the 8-900.000 years it took humans to go through the same number of generations.

That’s great. Really it is. Right now they hope to implement this technology in construction of oil pipelines that go incredibly deep and would not be easy to communicate with so the robots would be able to think out problems they come across on their own.

But how long until we get fire-breathing robots that can figure out how to get past the human obstacle?

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