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PC’s are the best

If it weren’t for the fact that this chart is all but 100% true, i wouldn’t be posting it.  As much as a console gamer that i am, this really is a true chart in the descriptions of the three consoles at least.

awesome DIY internet

Dish Maker

Ok, i kinda get the idea behind this contraption, but, it still seems like overkill to me, i’m sorry.  This machine makes dishes by recycling old ones and just re-forming them.  It uses the same ammount of electricity as a dishwasher, and will replace all the cabinets  of plates, bowls, an cups…one day…

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awesome internet LEGO

Lego Pinball

20,000 LEGO bricks were used in the creation of this fully functional pinball machine uses 13 RCX Mindstorms, a 5 digit display for points, a ramp, and a coin slot, that only accepts 50 Euro cent coins.  It’s awesome.

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Weird lamps

There are some awesome lamps here.  I kinda want the one shown above,  although, i’m concerned, it probably isn’t allowed on my campus, cause it you know, uses electricity, and could cause a fire…
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awesome haha!

Traffic Light Hack

This is an awesome little hack, that i must try out the next time i go outside…in June, cause right now, its 0 degrees with the windchill…


Creepy Canadians

Ok, if this is not creepy, i don’t know what its.  Apparently, the Canadian company Zaio is sending out people to photograph every home in America.  The reason, to sell that information to banks, insurance firms, appraisal services and so on.

Now, as long as the photographers are not on your property, this is totally 100% legal.  This is wrong on so many levels…

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Mail money

Ever wonder if you could just tape some coins to a letter instead of using a stamp?  Well, apparently, you can.  But it arrived “damaged” and by damaged, i mean the bottom right corner was missing…oops…

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Anddddddd we’re back!

HOLY CRAP we’re we gone for a long time, and let me tell you all this, it was not my fault (mostly).  Basically, it’s not our fault.  I would explain it all to you, except….is late, im tired, im upset, and lots of other things.  But don’t worry, i’ll tell you all soon.

Oh, and, the blog will be getting a new home, it will be moving to will still work, but it will redirect you to the new page.

anyway, there’s lots more new things on the horizion, won’t it be wounderful to discover them hand in hand?