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Art From Old Computer Parts

They don’t give much (read: any) info about it, but it sure looks pretty cool.


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Make your own snow

Capable of making 180 cubic feet of snow per hour, and costing $750, this is the ultimate for personal snow fort construction.  I know that i could have tons of fun with this thing, oh the fun i could have….
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Google’s datacenters are secure

Google has a nice little PDF describing just how well their servers and data centers are guarded:

Google operates one of the largest networks of distributed datacenters in the world, and goes to great lengths to protect the data and intellectual property in these centers. Google operates an undisclosed number of datacenters worldwide. Many primary Google datacenters are wholly owned and managed ensuring that no outside parties can gain access. The geographic locations of the datacenters were chosen to give protection against catastrophic events. The datacenters are at confidential, undisclosed locations in order to guard against user data being targeted. These facilities are protected with armed personnel around the clock. In addition, strong methods of entry protection such as biometric devices and secure token cards are used to ensure that only authorized personnel are granted access. Only select Google employees have access to the datacenter facilities and the servers contained therein, and this access is tightly controlled and audited.

The facilities themselves are engineered not only for maximum efficiency, but also for security and reliability. Multiple levels of redundancy ensure ongoing operation and service availability in even the harshest and most extreme of circumstances. This includes multiple levels of redundancy within a center, generator-powered backup for ongoing operations, and full redundancy across multiple dispersed centers. State of the art controls are used to monitor the centers both locally and remotely, and automated failover systems are present to safeguard systems. (…)

Data such as email is stored in a difficult to decipher format optimized for performance, rather than stored in a traditional file system or database manner. Data is dispersed across a number of physical and logical volumes for redundancy and expedient access, thereby obfuscating it from tampering. Google’s physical protections described above ensure that no physical access to servers is possible. All access to production systems is conducted by cleared personnel using encrypted SSH (secure shell). Specialized knowledge of the data structures and Google’s proprietary distributed architecture is built to provide a higher level of security and reliability than a traditional single tenant architecture. Individual user data is dispersed across a number of anonymous servers, clusters, and data centers. This ensures that data is not only safe from potential loss, but also highly secure.

That is kinda excessive, but at the same time, totally understandable.  I never knew that Google employed NSA style security measures, yet i always thought it at the same time…
{Google Operating System}

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Wireless S/NES controllers for Wii

This skillful modder turned a NES and SNES controller into wireless controllers for the Nintendo Wii Virtural Console retro games.  It seems complicated, but i think whenever i get a free chance, and a free NES controller, i will so do this.


Over the Top Treehouses

This is a designer treehouse, by the TreeHouse Company in Scotland.

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Tallest Bridge in the World

This bridge in France tops out at 343 meters (1,125 feet) high, cars going over it only get 270 meters, (885 feet) high.  But that’s still taller then most sky scrapers. It’s kinda cool, driving into the clouds, hell look at some of the photos after the click:

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Best. Answer. Ever.

Lady: You think wearing the skin of a dead cow is cool or something? You’re promoting murder by wearing that.

Leather jacket guy: I don’t wear this because I like leather. I wear this because I hate cows. My father was gored to death by a bull. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to Burger King.

That is the best response to the “Leather Jacket’s are murder” stance i have ever heard…bravo Leather jacket guy.

Overheard in the Office

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Craving Meth?

Anything look weird with the above image?

Look closer:

That Google sponsored add is advertising Meth substitutes….That is so weird, and wrong.  In fact, all the ads on the blog page right now are for addiction, and drugs, i see no where on the page in any post did we ever talk about drugs, or addictions…Google, you surprise me sometimes…

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Winky, the cat will save your life

The idea of Winky is that he goes in the back of your car, and the drivers behind you will be drawn to the cuteness of Winky, and look at him to see when you’re breaking, or turning.  Personally, if i saw that in the back of someone’s car, i would freak out.  A cat with blinking Red eyes, not something i want to see…

Anyway, the store that sold those is no longer in business, so this guy decided to make his own, say what you want, its still creepy…



Presence Frames

These nifty picture frames, designed by Matty Salin, have motion detectors and are networked together.  When someone passes in front of one frame, its counterpart lights up.
When no one is moving in front of the other frame:

When the frame is activated by someone looking at its counterpart:

There’s a few other interesting contraptions on his site too, like the pulse lamp, which pulses with light in time with your heartbeat, and the wake n’ bacon, an alarm clock that wakes you up by cooking a piece of bacon instead of with an annoying buzzer.