Designer Tinfoil Hats

These hats are for the fashion consensus people out there who also think that the government/aliens are hijacking our brainwaves.  The popular belief is that a tinfoil hat will prevent that from happening, but most “homemade” tinfoil hats are childish, and silly, not these, these hats include the latest styles, available for $7.99 + shipping

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The PS3 song

This is an excellent little fan made video depicting the many failures of the PS3.  Very well done, very entertaining, very true.

Geek technique shows us how to convert an iPod Mini from a micro hard drive into a solid state hard drive.  And i must say, i’ve taken a mini apart before, and it’s not that hard, but i never would have thought to do this to one.  Mostly because the hard drive worked, and mostly because if it didn’t work, i really wanted to microwave it.  But when i know where i can get an old mini, and i am so going to try this out, i’ll probably put an 8gb card in, and maybe if prices go down, a 16gb.

DIY posters

Have a photo on your computer that would just make an awesome poster on your wall, but but it’s too small?  Simply upload it to Block Posters, and select how many pieces of paper wide you want it.  And it will give you a link to a PDF containing the blown up image for you to print out and tape to your wall at your leisure.  It is pretty awesome, i have a bunch of photos i kinda want to try this out allot with, all i need is somewhere to print many pages in color, for free…

Most awesome weapons ever

This is the List of melee weapons that don’t exist but should. Needless to say, it is a list full of amazing weapons, that i will put vast amounts of research into in the near future. It’s just so in depth, and detailed.

I think my favorite weapon on the whole list is the Dual lightsaber chainsaw gunbladechucks:

The pistol-grip frames, saw chains and the chains connecting the weapons in pairs are made of a molecular alloy of titanium, carbon, hydrogen, and duct tape. “Unbreakable” is the middle name of its third cousin.

The four engines are quantum-based, generating their own fuel and only barely existing in this universe. They can be adjusted for time travel.

The onboard computers – which exist just as a side effect of the quantum engines – can handle any targeting and other tasks imaginable through a wireless neural interface.

The saw chains’ rotation creates a harmonic resonance that cracks anything that even gets close.

The teeth of the saws consist of several hundred tiny lightsabers that cut through everything else, and generate gravitational fields that make the guns recoilless and give the nunchaku-based spinning motion incredible speed and stability without effort.

The tiny railguns at the base of the blades have a firing rate of IMPOSSIBLE, range of HUMONGOUS, muzzle velocity of YOUR MOM, and a stopping power of five gazillion CnRhK (Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick ). (Actual numbers gathered from test data.)

The bullets are made from an unstable plutonium-titanium alloy, created in a separate pocket universe at the moment the trigger is pushed. They have hollow cores filled with cyanide and an anti-matter acid, and they’re coated with Febreeze. Their destructive force can’t even be expressed in any known language other than that of the elusive Giant Boing Gloing.

Seamless Pictures

These pictures, by Rob Gonsalves are pretty cool.  Some of them you can get right away, some you have to take a harder look at, but they’re all nifty.  There’s a whole bunch of them over at {}.