USS Enterprise, NCC 1440-KB


Thanks to TechEBlog for the instructions.  This is probably one of the coolest uses of an old 1.44MB floppy disk that i have ever seen.  (Of course, microwaving it is a field all its own).  Anyway, by taking apart a floppy disk, you can make a decent rendition of the USS Enterprise (doesnt resemble any … Continued

AT&T controls the world


Stephen Colbert demonstrated the other night on his show how AT&T was broken up by our government, but through the years, has managed to rebuild itself.

Wall Murals


Before These remind me of the 3-D sidewalk chalk murals that are very popular, except, these are about 10 times the size, and perminate.  All of them were done by this guy and his work is very good if i have to say so myself. After. That was good, but this one he did to … Continued

The Jet Train


Combining the fastness of jet engines, with the shear power of a train, this is the train with 2 jet engines bolted to its roof.  It looks like something that came out of a bad cartoon, this really was real, and, it set a speed record that still stands in the US today for trains, … Continued

Pickles, they kill


It’s things like this that are the reason why i love the internet.  Proof That Pickles Are Bad For You. It’s a website that tell you the many dangers of eating pickles. Nearly all sick people have eaten pickles; therefore, the effects are obviously cumulative. Of all the people who die from cancer, 99% have … Continued

I park like an Asshole


We’ve all seen these people, they take up two parking spaces for their cars that they think are so nice looking. Now, unless you have a Hummer, that’s over 7 feet wide, then you should only be taking up the allotted 1 space per car. Now for times like this, we used to just slap … Continued

Infinite USB memory stick


These just have to be the coolest things i have ever seen (recently anyway).  The idea is that each USB memory stick is flexiable, but that’s not the cool part, the cool part is this; Each one has a male, and female USB connector, the male end plugs into the computer’s USB port, and, when … Continued

The Island of the Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay, famous website that tracks countless torrents, has been under fire from authorities.  Their solution, buy their own island nation, and make their own laws.  That my friend, is the best idea ever.  They are asking for donations from users, and by donating, you get citizenship to the (hopefully) new country.  The island … Continued



Ive seen a few of these comics from xkcd, and its one of a select few web comics that i truely enjoy. This strip came to my attention today, and i must say, i admit doing 3 of the 4 things shown on that comic. I do save time at red lights with said manevures, … Continued

Russian MiG 21F on eBay


Every want to own a fighter plane, but not want to pay the multi-million dollar price that they cost?  Well, here’s your chance to own a Russian MiG 21F that’s being sold on eBay.  Current price is $25,100 US, and shipping is said to cost about $5,000 US via truck.  It’s coming from the Czech … Continued