Contest to build our eventual destruction


A contest in Singapore is challenging users to build a working robot that is capable of maneuvering in urban settings, move into, and out of buildings, move up and down stairs, use an elevator.  Oh, and no GPS for the urban settings either.  The reward, 1,000,000 Singapore dollars, which is about $650,00 US.

Granted, this may all seem like simple stuff that won’t lead anywhere.  But that’s this year’s rules.  Next year there will be newer rules that may include searching for survivors (of the recent robot bombing run?), by breaking down walls with attached laser beams.  And the year after that, it will be use those laser beams to destroy targets.  And eventually, one or more of those robots will become self aware, and then turn on their masters.  And since they will already be capable of moving in and out of buildings, and up stairs, and elevators, there will be no stopping them.  They will come for us, so this contest must not be allowed to continue, the sake of the future of all mankind depends on it!

I urge you all to go out and buy Daniel H. Wilson’s book (pictured above): How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion go to Amazon to get it, or go to your favorite bookstore, just don’t send your robot dog out to the corner store to pick it up, it may seem cute, but you’re just training it for the future.

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