The greatest base ever


I stumbled to this image the other day, and i have to say, it is a masterpiece. click the image to fully understand it’s depth.

Online Photoshop


Fauxto is a flash based, web based Photoshop like tool.  So far in my inital attempts to use it, it sucks.  Maybe its a combination of my internet sucking, or the fact that Photoshop is just too large a program to get running on the web via flash.  But it has potential, my estimated time … Continued

The Top of Everest


Here’s a Quicktime VR of what it’s like at the top of Mt. Everest.  It’s kinda dark, and very barren, but i guess that’s what you get from being on the top of the world. watch it

Live Free or Die Hard


Oh man, the triumvirate of movie trailers is upon us. The teaser trailer for Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4) is upon us. And while it shows the least plot of the three i’ve posted about, it is the one i am most anticpating, as Die Hard is my single most all time … Continued

Transformers trailer


Oh man, 2 for one!  First the Ocean’s 13 trailer, now the Transformers Trailer! Both movies by the way…AWESOME.  Transformers, wow, they show a few Autobots, and a few Decepticons.  I’m not sure of the plot of the movie, i’m sure i could find out online somewhere, but i’d rather not know. watch the trailer

Ocean’s 13


Oh man, this movie, on top of the other half dozen movies coming out next year have me waiting to give my money away to the movie studios.It doesnt really give away much (if any) of the plot, except that everyone’s back for a third time, and that it’s a different game now. I will … Continued

The complete opposite of Mr. Burns


A small Italian village in he Alps has come up with a “novel” way to counter the harshness that is no sunlight in their village.  They installed a 416 square foot sheet of steel ontop of the mountain to reflect sunlight back to their village.  It cost about $131,450 and is probably not really worth … Continued

Amazing water jet items!


Oh man, if i had access to this machine, i would so cut just about everything i could get my hands on! That reminds me of the design concept for the original x-box, it was a three dimensional X, it looked nice, but, really bulky, the original xbox looks ulgy, and is still really bulky, … Continued

Triforce Wii


So i got my Nintendo Wii 2 weeks ago, and i love it, it’s so awesome and pretty, and beautiful. But, it just looks so…blah and the same, the white casing, the simple design, so i got to me thinking. How can i make this better? The answer, paint it black. Then i thought again, … Continued