How will the humans dissapear?


This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

T.S. Eliot

Its a common trend, the week before new years, the networks play specials on The end of the world. They usually do a top 5 list, or top 10 list of ways humans will be likely to be exterminated. They also look at the famous people in the past who have predicted it, and how likely it is that what they say is true.

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Most of the lists/shows are full of extremists who would give you a dollar just to hear them out. Sure the lists/shows are very valid, and they give good points. Such as asteroids hitting the earth in 2029, and super volcanos popping up under America. But at the same time they are essientally, trying to predict the weather, and other then a day in advance tops, that is not possible.

There were some real threats on the lists/shows i saw this week. The biggest one was robots/artifical inteligance/nanobots. Long-time readers know that i fear that robot invaders will come sooner or later, but most of that is just for fun. Artifical intelligence is something that must be feared though. In it lies the potential for the end of human life, and it is closer then everyone thinks.

One of the threats that was on every list, and in every show, and, somehow managed to top the list on The History Channel special, was Global Warming. This is fearmongering at its worst. Global Warming is at best a made up lie, and at worst, bad weather. Humans have had their effect on earth true, but we have not, and will not cause the drastic effects you see on these shows, and in these movies. Humans will survive, as will life, in the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm “Life uh…finds a way” And life will find a way through anything that gets in its way.

One of the novel ideas that was mentioned on the Sci-Fi special if i remember was a burst of Gamma ray radiation from space. I actually laughed out loud when i heard that. And, what’s worse is that there were at least 2 different people they interviewed that beleived that wholeheartedly. Now that my friend, is scary. Besides the fact that if anything like that actually happened, not only would be have no warning, but also no protection. So sure, it should be on the list, but don’t spend 15 minutes telling us how we’re going to die from it. Just tell us that the chances of it acutally occuring are so huge, we’d more likely die from the sun going super nova then that, and go on to the next “threat.”

The last traditional threat is pandamenic. This is the only threat that i find has the probability of destroying human life on earth the soonest, it even has the chance of making The Bible code come true. In the past plagues have killed countless millions, and are still taking lives as we speak. But the real threat isn’t from AIDS/HIV or SARS, but something new. Statistics point toward a variant of the Flu, maybe Bird Flu thats all the rage overseas, but the flu has been around for decades killing people with each passing year, but sparing people too. Stephen King said a government engineered
version of the flu would kill humans in The Stand, as did countless other authors in contless other books and movies. But the human body will adapt, and not everyone will be die from a virus, geneitics won’t allow it.

One of my favorite TV shows from a few years back was Seven Days. One episode i remember is when there’s an accident at a military research base that releases some form of energy that sweeps the globe killing all animals above ground on the planet. While that seems unplausable, at the same time it seems within reason. It’s not a natural phenoma, and there was no way to perdict, or protect it, because it happened instantly. Naturally, they were able to go back in time and pervent this whole thing from occuring making a happy ending.

Which brings me to another thing that can end not only human life, but all life on earth. Time Travel. Time travel has always interested humans, being able to go back in time, and change something you did, i know i’ve thought about it countless times. But, Time travel has the potential to destroy life completly. By going back in time you are essientally changing what will happen. Every action you make will effect the future, be it small, or drastic. And if you go back far enough, you could potentially pervent life from happening.

I am not trying to force my beliefs onto you, i know how that feels, and its not something i want to do. All i am trying to do is to get you to do some research, and get another view. One thing about the internet is that you can get every view you ever wanted on a subject all from this simple little site. And all i ask you to know is that there is no way to accurately perdict what will happen on earth in the next 1000 years, 100 years, 10 years, or even 1 year.

So lets start the new year by forgetting the old threats, lets start some new ones, and hopefully, this time next year, i’ll be watching the History Channel special where the molemen will be the number one threat to human life on earth.

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