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UPDATE: Triforce Wii

Ok, i’ve received many an email regarding the Triforce Wii from the other day. Most want to know what type of paint we used, others want a more detailed walkthrough of the process. Well, i will answer those questions and more with pretty photos in this post. So, hit the click for the process, and don’t be afraid, no Wiis were hurt.

First, the paint used, I used basic Rust-Oleum spray paint that you can buy at any hardware store, we got ours at Lowes.

(clicking photos results in high res versions)

next is taking appart the controller, it’s not too hard, once you get past the triangle screws, there are 4 of them:

then the two pieces pop right apart.

It’s tricky removing the speaker and the piece of cloth under it, but the tip of a screwdriver worked fine for us.

(i should have more photos up soon…)

then it’s just a mater of separating the pieces, and choosing a color to paint it. Be sure you give it at least 24 hours to fully dry though, otherwise blemishes could occur.

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First, I’d like to say you’re doing the world a great service for posting these.I LOVE the way the black remote looks. In what order do you apply each coat? Do you use more than one pass? Do you us\e the same process for the nunchucks?

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