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Triforce Wii

So i got my Nintendo Wii 2 weeks ago, and i love it, it’s so awesome and pretty, and beautiful. But, it just looks so…blah and the same, the white casing, the simple design, so i got to me thinking. How can i make this better? The answer, paint it black. Then i thought again, thats still boring, how can i make it even better? The answer, stencil in the Triforce. This is the final product:

That’s right, its dead sexy, don’t you wish your’s looked like that?

If you want to see more of the photos, and how we did it, click the link:

The Triforce Wii
So, like i said, i got this idea one day in class soon after i got the Wii, and i formulated it in my head for a few days before spilling it to my closest of friends. I decided that first, i was going to try the spray paint out on the Wiimote i had simply for the reason that it was easier to take appart (4 screws) and way easier (and cheaper) to replace if i totally destroyed it then the Wii.
click on images for full 2592×1944 glory

The controller came appart much easier then we were expecting, and that made us happy. We separated the circuit board, and the buttons, and placed them on the small piece of foam we were working on. We then took the plastic shells, and put them onto another piece of foam, and brought them outside to paint. We let them dry overnight, and put another coat on in the morning. We put it back together, and made sure that it still worked, it did, and this is the finished product:

As you can no doubt tell, me missed a spot along the edges of the Wiimote, but, its ok, i don’t mind it. Also, I opted to paint the B trigger black, looking back, i wouldn’t do that, cause it looks nicer with the white triggers, but, ill save that for the other 3 Wii motes i have. Also, you’ll notice that the is a scratch on the B trigger, that’s from our metal videogame accessory rack, and we didn’t anticipate that, but, fear not, we got some sealant, and hopefully that won’t happen on the Wii.
I also painted the Nunchuck, but this time, i left the triggers white, and i think it looks much better:

We put sealant on the nunchuck, and, because of the not level surface of it, it bubbled, and crackled, and didn’t dry smooth, but, i think it actually makes it look better, and as michelle said, “It looks like leather almost”…almost michelle…
Ok, so, now that we know that the paint doesn’t look like crap, rather, it looks pretty f**king awesome, we’re full steam ahead to do the console. That’s the Wii (with a poorly used flash, but whatever). It’s so plain and boring…In order to take it appart there are a number of obvious, and not so obvious screws hidden under it’s sleek white clothes.
The first two are the most obvious, under the rubber feet:

But, as you can (kinda) tell from the photo, those are not normal screws, they are crazy ass triangle screws, Phillips head don’t fit, and neither did out flat heads. Our solution, “modify” a flat head, and by modify, i mean break, to fit. So with wire cutters in hand, we made our own screwdriver for the Wii.
There were also several more screws hidden beneath the black plastic cover on the Gamecube area, some were triangle, some were phillips, all were easy.

After all the screws were out, we took the front faceplate off first:

That came off easy, and showed the bare mouth of the slot loading disc drive, (if i was smart and turned the flash off, you’d be able to see that, stupid me…)Next we took off the main body, it was scary, would it come off easy, would we break the plastic, would monsters come out and eat us?

It came off easy, and no breaking, or monsters, yay!

Now, i’ll just go through the dismantling of the basics of this, cause, i’m sure you’ve all see it taken appart already, and all this isn’t new to you. If you want to see what the inside of this thing looks like, here is the album of our project

Two things i will point out that are odd are this: One, there are crazy triangle screws holding the casing together, but, once inside, its all standard phillips headed screws. The other thing that no one seems to have mentioned is the massive amounts of thermal paste applied to both the Hollywood and Broadway chips, as well as the Wi-fi chip.

The thermal paste was stuck to the heat sink for the chips, but it was still alot.

Finally, after all the big parts were taken off, this is what it looks like:

Now that the Wii is appart, now comes the fun part. Painting it.
We started with a gold undercoat:

We did the same thing for this as the Wiimote, we painted it, and let it dry overnight. It looked awesome, and we got way more excited.
Next we had to figure out how we were going to stencil in the Triforce. Well, we knew how we wanted to do it, we just didnt know how, if that makes sense. Anyway, mike put some tape on my plastic microwave shield and got the ruler and razor blade out. Each triangle is a 40cm equilateral triangle, which, in theory, should make an 80cm equilateral triangle, in theory…

Then it was just a matter of placing them onto the Wii at the right height. This is where my genius came in. We put the Wii in it’s stand, and put the triangles onto it so that they were parallel with the ground:

Now, this means that when the Wii is placed horizontally, the Triforce will be slightly tilted, my response to that was, so?
So, now that we got the stencil on, its time to paint it black. This is where we got impatient. It was extremely hot this thursday, and by extremely, i mean 60 degrees F in the middle of December. So we thought that the paint would dry quicker, which it did…on the plastic, but not on the foam we used to hold it. So when we turned it over so that we made sure we got all the edges, the rear edge got some foam attached to it. At first it looks like crap, but, its really not that bad, or noticeable anymore, (to me).

(again with the damn flash!)
Well, next we had to peal the masking tape off, to make sure that no black paint bleed through it. We got the razor blade back out, and cut out the edge of the tape, and then went under one corner to pull it off:

Well, that turned out good, and no problems at all, now we repeated the process for the remaining 5 triangles, and finally we got this:

Next, we reassembled it, which wasn’t the most easy process, but, wasn’t hard either. It took about 20 minutes to put back together. I opted not to paint the rubber feet, simply cause i thought it might look cooler like that, and, if it didnt, i could always go over it later, its not hard.

Oh man, doesn’t that just look awesome? I think it does.
We made a bunch of mistakes mostly just impaitance, but, still we think we got the kinks worked out of it.
If anyone is interested in doing this, send us an and maybe we can work out something. And, as i said above, i have 3 more Wiimotes, that i’m about to paint, so, if you want one NOW, then, send an email faster, and maybe we can work something out.



Here are some new nice photos for all you complainers out there:

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it’s crooked because i was holding the camera crooked, it is actually near perfectly straight. When it’s in its vertical stand, it is level with the ground, which is what i was going for, because for me, it will be placed vertical. As for off centered, i wanted to put it so that the Triforce just looked good, and i think that off centered was the best place for it

[…] What do you do when you get a little tired of the mundane white Wii console that everyone else is rocking this Holiday season? Steve decided to paint his Wii console with the Triforce logo from Zelda. View the rest of the high resolution images after the jump. I’m interested in knowing how the newly painted black Wiimote will fare in the long run after a bit of sweaty game playing. […]

Nintendo Wii in black with Triforce from Zelda stenciled on it

The Wii is simply beautiful but just like the Macbook it lacks colors. Steve from Deadly Computers decided to add a personal touch to his Wii by painting it black. But a coat of black was simply not enough and he stenciled the Tri Force which Zelda fa…

What kind of paint did you use? It looks awful. Though, it might look better if you clearcoat it. I think you wasted your time with this. Anybody who is thinking of trying this, don’t follow this guy’s path.

We used Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel for the black and gold, and Rust-Oleum American Accents Cleat Top Coat for the protective clear coat.
I would suggest using a different clear coat paint, because the one we used wasn’t the best.

This was our first try, and as with first tries, they usually don’t go perfectly. But, its really not as bad as you would think. The second wave of Wiimotes are much nicer.

Nintendo Wii Looks Better in Black and With a Triforce

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This is amazing! I think I have a Christmas project now! 🙂

Do you think that those triangle screwdrivers could be bought anywhere? I highly doubt that I could convince my friend to let me cut his screwdrivers…lol

Anyways, I love the idea, though I think I would want the Triforce to be in line with the Wii instead of the floor. Personal preference methinks. The black controllers look incredibly sweet too, I might go with some sort of glow in the dark paint though, because I tend to play in the dark as it is…

Sweet job though, seriously 🙂

~Thomas, we’re in the process of looking for the triangle screwdrivers somewhere, if anyone would have them, we think its Sears, but we havent had a chance to go there and check yet.
Yea, i have my Wii set up vertical, and therefore i wanted it aligned with the floor. I was thinking of using LEDs, but there’s just not enough room in there.

Looks good!
Perhaps you should paint the buttons of the next Wii-mote gold to match the gold of the triforce, giving the whole project a more unified look.

Lorenzo, We didn’t paint the Wii on the front by covering it with masking tape. Steve VERY carefuly put a piece of masking tape over the Wii logo then used a sharp knife to cut out around the edege. It took about 15 minutes for all the delicate work, but it was worth it.

Lestad, It’s not hard at all to take the wiimote apart and then apply some paint. If you would like we might be able to work some form of painting service. Shoot us an email if your interested

Spiritofcat, We were thinking about that but then we would paint over the letters on the buttons (not that they are actually needed) maybe on future Wiimotes we will try other things.

hey guys, nice work on the wii…paint job coulda been a bit more smooth…there seems to be cracks or viens on the nunchuck controller…put a gloss coat to make it shimmer!! YUM!!

Wow all of you guys are hating on something he tried at. You should alll hang yourself with your Wii controllers for talking crap about someone who has the balls to try something new.

Well, I think steve did good. Nice job steve ^_^. For all of those who are negatively commenting; of course youre entitled to your own opinion. However,that does not necessarily mean you are free to put someone down because they are different, and you may be jealous.Heck; I know I’m jealous…I dont even HAVE a wii! *Yet*.

I think this is the screwdriver you are looking for. Check the screws on the DS or GBA. If it looks the same or similar, then this will probably do the trick.

Also I would also like to publicly declare that that is an amazing paint job. Not perfect, but an amazing first attempt and an important first step in future Wii painting. I myself am too afraid to void the warranty, but I would defintiely like some sweet custom controllers in the future

[…] Ok, i’ve received many an email regarding the Triforce Wii from the other day. Most want to know what type of paint we used, others want a more detailed walkthrough of the process. Well, i will answer those questions and more with pretty photos in this post. So, hit the click for the process, and don’t be afraid, no Wiis were hurt. […]

Nice idea, poor paintjob….There’s nothing in here about pre-treatment of the surface. Cleaning, sanding, primering?? Those steps are required for heavy usage….

If you ever have such a good idea, ask a pro painter/sprayer for pointers to get a better end result…

good luck!

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well, the paintjob doesnt look very good, you should of at least added something more unique and different…. like a window or some lights. dont think it was much of an improvement atm :/

looks pretty cool could have come out a lot better if you had just taken your time with the painting and such, one of the things i would have added is on the gold tri-force to add some sort of detailing like the lines and patterns on loztp, i just dont think i could bring my self to paint my wii just yet maybe a year or two but more power to you for being (first?) to open it up and paint that thing hopefully it gets more people to give it a try


ps that little smudge is killing me :/ good luck next time

yea, not taking my time is the one thing that pisses me off the most about it. I really wanted to get it done because it was the last 2 days before mike was leaving for home for winter break, and i wanted him there to help me put it back together, cause i have a tendency to forget to put screws inplace, and we both could just see me putting it back and there be 3 screws left over and just thinking “shit!”

i was thinking of putting those lines from TP around the Triforce, but i decided against it because i didn’t want to crowd the side, and make everything too small. And to be honest, i just liked the Triforce alone like that.

Yo Steve (still personal : I’d still wait for the official black Wii comes)but anyways nice job.
Like somebody else said, at least you had guts to do this.
Screw everybody else who’s bitching about your work.


PS everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s a frikin awesome paint job. It looks even better than the official black Wii! My Zelda-obsessed friend would have an orgasm over that lol.

What the bloody hell is the point of leaving a comment if you’re just going to complain about it? People are violently jealous these days…

Keep up the creativity Steve!

While I think it’s matte appearance looks a little on the rough side, I think this is an amazing concept. In fact I think you should sell it to Nintendo. I think the people hating on you, would be the first in line for this product if Nintendo bought your idea and ran a limited edtion production of this bundled with the Zelda game. Imagine. This would be a win/win situatuion. If this had a glossy look to it like the real Wii’s paint than it would be perfect, it just looks to dull. Anyway good job man I lie this I love my wii, but I hate the color, that is why I bought a DS Lite in onyx!


I choose a matte finish because i don’t like glossy finishes. Its just my personal preference, i understand that many people like glossy finishes, and anyone that i would do a custom painted wii for would have the option to have it done with a gloss finish.

I like your idea to sell it to Nintendo, but i am skeptical about it, it’s a good idea, and i’ll deffiently look into it, but i don’t know how it will turn out. You can bet though that any news on it will be posted here!

Thanks for you compliment, and if you would like a custom painted wii, send us an email:
prices start at $100 for whatever color and finish you want.

Hey I liked it better when it was gold
but I guess the black would do
you should paint the buttons gold and pinstripe what teh buttons do
like eject

can easily be done using a thin brush

I’m sorry to say this, but the high resolution pictures makes the paintjob look awful. In the production shots, it looks as though there’s a ton of dust all over it. I don’t think the matte finish is the problem, it’s whatever type of paint you used… as somebody else said, it’s better to do multiple thin layers. You would avoid that crinkling that’s giving it a leather effect in some spots. Something you might want to consider doing is sanding the areas you plan on painting with a superfine sandpaper and priming it so that the paint has some grip (paint has trouble staying on glossy-smooth surfaces). Honestly, I think you should consider experimenting and do a few more trials before charging people money for custom paints. Most people with a Wii know that it’s a commodity and they’re unlikely to send it on a whim with a hundred dollar check (not including shipping both ways) going on the pictures that you’re presenting right now.

Its not really dust, its the foam we used to hold the pieces.
I know what you mean about the multiple layers, and it looks better on another wiimote i tried.
I like to think that i have most of the bugs worked out of it, but you never know, things happen, and i do agree, with how hard it is to find wiis still, i dont blame people for just wanting a plain old white one for now, and not bothering with the rest.

thanks for being honest, and not just saying “dude that sucks why’d you even bother”

This is an awsome Idea! I don’t have my Wii yet but I have been doing lots of research on it. Im thinking Maybe I could do something like this except get more detailed. Instead of doing the Triforce I would do another Nintendo Thing. This seems really easy to do and fun. Thanks alot for the instructions.

Is there a reason you used a foam surface? You mentioned that a miniscule amount came off on the paint because of drying issues, but is there a way to avoid that? Also, What is that foam called?

P.S.- it’s damn cool of you to be answering our questions so long after the project

I used foam to hold the peices of the Wii simply because i had alot of extra foam lying around. It’s just packing foam, i don’t know what exactly its called.
we don’t have a work bench at school, so if you have one of those that’d work, also, you could just use cardboard.

and i try to answer all questions from any post as soon as possible.

I was thinking the same thing Kojo! This is one cool guy! I hope one day if I do get the chance to customize my Wii to show the ol’ great master!

This is totally awesome, but you mutilated, obliterated, and decimated the integrity of the
wii console. Nice paint job.

Esto es totalmente impresionante, pero mutilaste, borrado, y diezmado la integridad de la consola del wii. Trabajo de la pintura de Niza.

C’est totalement impressionnant, mais vous avez mutilé, effacé, et décimé l’intégrité de la console de wii. Le travail de peinture de Nice.

???????,????,????,???????wii???. ??????.

Dieses ist total ehrfürchtig, aber du verstümmeltest, ausgewischt, und dezimiert der Vollständigkeit der wii Konsole. Nizza Farbe Job.

????????????????????wii??????????????????? ????????????

hey yo stevie!
i was thinking about paintin my wiimotes me self…

but i had this bad feeling about the paint…

will it come off eventually?

cuz u all know ur hands get sweaty when u play wii (theres no way around it!)

so like will the paint rub off and get on ur hands or will it get sticky and sh*t?

so yah just tell me the low down on the wii DAH!

ps. ur wii is da bomb! totaallly cool idea
and if i double posted sry its my fukin cpu

so far, i have yet to notice any wear and tear on the paint in the 6 months i;ve used it. Granted, i’m not using it every day for marathons of Wii Sports or anything, but normal usage hasn’t shown any wear at all.

Hey, for all the people dissing this sick nasty wii, how about you try and make one, my guess is it will be shitty as hell. A little ingenuity never hurt anybody, so until you make one for yourself, and it looks nicer than this one you cant talk shit. So Fuck Off.

hey great idea..thats some sick shit…i think that your wii and remotes turned out great just the only thing i would change is the triforce cuz i dont like zelda but still sweet..have you tried talking to nintendo at all?

The Wii remote and nunchuck come apart very easily, just unscrew them (with the triangle screws) and then unsnap them. It may seem like you’re going to break it, but they come off easy.

I have to say one thing about your screws, they are not triangular, they are in the shape of a y. If you zoom in on the photo you can very easily that the screw is in the shape of a Y not a triangle.

yes, i know they are not “triangles” but rather Y shaped, but for some unknown/forgotten reason, I called them triangle screws when i was taking it appart, and since then, that’s what i call them…

Games For Gamecube…

I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you….

very nice! i would like to do a hack like this only extrude the triforce and put leds behind it.
it would of looked more, twilight princes if instead of blak you used dark purple or a foresty green.
but it still looks the best wii case paint yet.(mine will beat yours)

The paint tends to crack and flake off if it can’t stick to the surface underneath. Did you sand the nunchuck before you painted it? Those things are really smooth… Just 600 sandpaper or higher would work fine and it would still be smooth – but the paint would be happy to stick <3

Also, now I have to try this. =3 What sealant did you use?

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