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The FBI is listening to you via mics in your cell phone

This news clip comes from Fox News, the most reliable, unbiased, greatest name in new ever (i was being sarcastic by the way).

First, its Fox, so i instantly disregard them.  However this sounds like something that the US government is totally capable of.  However, i don’t think its the FBI, nor the CIA.  No, long time readers know that i am a total fan of the NSA (National Security Agency) as being the number one most powerful organization on the planet.  I not only beleive that this is possible, but i beleive that this is being done right now by the NSA, and it’s been being done for the past 30 years.  Do i care, not at all, there’s nothing i can do to stop them, except join them, which is an interesting job prospect…
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One reply on “The FBI is listening to you via mics in your cell phone”

I believe in our freedom of privacy, and a certain sanctity of our being for privacy. It may be appropriate, sometimes for any agency, group, person, or organization to listen in on our conversation using our own bought product. What a shame, and what a slap in the face to the trustworthiness of each product buyer. Why, I remember a time, when we were allowed to purchase a product, and it was our, automatically. Now a days, you buy a product and not only do you have to sign away on all these mile long service aggreements, as in software, but it is not yours, plus, with the cell phones, computers and electronic stuff, they’re spying on you, while knocking down your constitutional rights in the Sup-reme court! I really don’t see anything good coming out of this. Really. Thsi is worse than McCarthism. THe cold war has ended. Tell all the war mongers, it’s time to live in PEACE on EARTH! STOP THE GLOBAL WAR MING!

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