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Wii sensor bar extension cable mod

So, I got my Nintendo Wii last weekend from Toys R Us, i only had to get up at 6:30am, and wait in the moderately cold weather for it, but thats besides the point compared to what i did for a PS3. Anyway, i had officially owned my Wii for a total of 2 hours before i took something appart, and hot glued something else to it.

Like other people who are “fortunate” enough to have a projector, i quickly found out that the wire for the Sensor Bar wasn’t long enough to be snaked around the edge of my room to the console, but had to be dangled accross the room, at neck level. So, we decided to take it appart and add an extension cable to it. It’s actually a very easy process that can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Full details after the click:

First thing, take appart the sensor bar. This can be done very easily by unscrewing 5 screws.

However, those screws are weird triangle type screws. Our solution, get a small flat-head screwdriver, and just use that. Be sure you get the two screws under the sticky feet too.

This is what the actual sensor bar is on the inside:

This is the side where the power comes from.

We unsoldered the power wires, because we A. wanted to make it look nicer then to have a splice in the middle of the wire with a wire nut and some black electrical tape. B. wanted to be able to re put it back together like normal and no one would be able to tell.

Next we got some cheap antenna cable that came with one of our DVD players (do you ever use the FM turner that it has? we don’t so we took that) We stripped the ends, and soldered them together:

They need to be covered, and, as i stated above, i didnt want some ghetto wire nut with electrical tape, so, we got some of the foam that we have an abudance of, and hot glued the foam into place over the wires.

And there we have it, a 10 minute mostly free way to extend the length of your Wii Sensor Bar.

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Thanks for the docs. I’ll also use a headphone jack connection so I can add store-bought headphone extension cables as needed. I’ve got a home theater setup with a projector, and the equipment (including my roommate’s Wii) is in the back of the room. The cable needs to be about 30 or 40 feet longer to go all the way around the room. I’ll also do this when I get my own Wii, as my roommate is leaving in a few months. Cool!

What the heck were Nintendo thinking with the weird connector and no available extender cables?

I have done this as i did not want to have to use battery’s for the wireless sensor bar, I have joined a 16 meter (48 foot) cable in the same way as above giving me a total of 18 meters (54 foot)including the wii cable All Works perfectly.
for my 6m x 3mwide screen i have a big room very cool…

Worked perfectly. Wanted to keep the Wii at the back by the sound system and keep the front uncluttered. We now have the 65″ screen free and clear.

Took about 20 minutes. Thanks for information.