How will the humans dissapear?

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

T.S. Eliot

Its a common trend, the week before new years, the networks play specials on The end of the world. They usually do a top 5 list, or top 10 list of ways humans will be likely to be exterminated. They also look at the famous people in the past who have predicted it, and how likely it is that what they say is true.

Hit up the click to get my full view on these lists, and threats.

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Google does what?

You may not know many of these things, but you may know somel of them, but either way, you should know all them because for any avid Google user, they are important.

    Google Desktop indexes your files and uploads the index to Google servers.
    Gmail indexes your emails and makes them available for everyone.
    Google doesn’t delete my Gmail messages

untrue, it just may take up to 60 days before they are deleted from the backup servers

    Google doesn’t improve search anymore to increase its earnings from ads.
    that doesnt even make sense…
    Google Earth shows real-time images

don’t we all wish that, i know i do.

those, and several more over at Google Operating System

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Awesome Chess Table

This chess table was made out of old processors, and is being hled up by an insane ammount of CDs. Pretty damn nice if i do say so myself. Now, if only he could make some peices out of used computer parts…

read more{MAKE}


site design

Ooooooooook so, i’ve had a chance to look over the blog now on a number of other computers, and i have finally seen what mike was talking about for so long first hand. The white text on white background isn’t the best on some smaller screens, but from my research, only those less then 15in. Anyway, don’t worry, when i get abck from vacation, i will be working on a slightly new theme to fix that. And the comments don’t look so hot either, at least the yellow of links, that will be fixed too.

Mike, you were right, i was wrong.

ps. yay chris has returned!

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Goldeneye Source is Out

Granted it’s a Beta 1. But whatever, I’ve always been one to try out things that are even Alpha releases…or things that straight up shouldn’t work. My first copy of Vista got installed on my laptop over a year ago. That was fun…deleted it’s own boot registry. Anway.

Download it here

Judging by the video that Steve posted a while back, it looks like it should be an amazing game. It was when it came out on the N64 and with improved visuals and the stability of the Source engine this should be great. And just so everyone knows I have downloaded it so I did not direct you to something where you will get a million viruses or anything. However, I really don’t feel like playing it on an old P4 laptop with 64MB of video RAM. I’ll wait to actually run it on my computer with an overclocked Core 2 Duo and an 8800GTX.

Official site


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3 Million Wiis

In an effort to prove Steve wrong/start contributing to the blog again I bring to you this:

According to Nintendo’s little white (or black with gold Triforce) console has been sold over 3 million times. In a little over a month Nintendo has managed to sell about 41% of what the XBox 360 has sold in over a year. Granted, I like the 360…and it has sold well throughout the past year (as long as you don’t count Japan). The 360 HAS, however, kept up it’s sales figures. Anyone remember what it was like trying to get a 360 on eBay? It was horribly hard to get one for under $600 even after Christmas. As I look on eBay now a 60 GB PS3 with a bid started at $650 by a guy obviously just trying to make his money back has had NO BIDS for the past 7 days. The rest of the pack doesn’t look too good either, with mostly 20 GB models but almost nothing crossing over the $1000 mark.

In fact, even with the manufacturing shortages and whatnot Sony has only managed to sell approximately 1.18 million PS3’s in the same span of time as the Wii has sold 3.19 million. And there are more and more reports of PS3’s being in stock and not being sold or returned because of consumer interest in the Wii.

Of course even with the huge amount of consoles out there they are still incredibly hard to find. I have woken up at very early o’clock in the morning twice now to only be 4 or 5 too late to get my hands on one. And now that I’ve had a slight mishap involving my RAZR and a wall (pictures later), it looks like some of my Wii fund will be going to buying me a new phone.

Steve, congratulations on the nearly a billion comments on the Triforce Wii.



I’m sorry everyone who reads this, but i’m on vacation now, and although i do get online, i don’t think i’ll be able to update too much.
I get back on Jan 03, so hopefully then, everything will be back to normal.
And, if you ask real nicely, maybe mike or chris will post something!

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UPDATE: Triforce Wii

Ok, i’ve received many an email regarding the Triforce Wii from the other day. Most want to know what type of paint we used, others want a more detailed walkthrough of the process. Well, i will answer those questions and more with pretty photos in this post. So, hit the click for the process, and don’t be afraid, no Wiis were hurt.

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The current Console war

Ok, if you want a truely indepth review of the current console war (which is only a few months old), then here are 8 pages worth.  This guy has a very nice, and through writeup of the past wars from PONG to Wii.  He’s gone over each generation’s winners and loosers, and he picks the winner for this one.  According to him, the Wii will win, i won’t tell you why, i’ll make you read all 8 pages of it…ok, i’m not that mean, it has to do with growth, and according to him, Nintendo is focused on growth this generation, and this is what will put the Wii over the 360, and PS3.

Read it

awesome haha!

Terrorist protection guide

another photo i stumbled upon just now, very interesting, i like the make sure you get up to 88mph part, very nice.