By By Google Answers


What you’ve never heard of Google Answers? Well not many people have. I have heard of it, and i considered trying it out a few times, but, then i found out that you have to pay to get an answer, that’s when i just went to the normal Google page, and asked the question, and always got an answer, (whether it was right or not i never cared). Anyway, as it turns out, the 4 year experiment has been deemed a failure by Google (well sorta) and they are no longer accepting new questions. You can still browse the questions and answers that have been asked over the last few years though.

I for one am surprised that it lasted as long as it did. Google has never been the sort of company that charged its users for products, and i always wondered when they would either make this free, or just get rid of it completely. It’s not a major loss for the world, but it is a step backwards in Google’s ultimate goal of Global Domination.
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