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So, this is our Best Buy/Target get a PS3 adventure. For all those out there that were a little scared, its ok, we made it, and we are still alive. I wont put any spoilers in here, so if you want to know if we got one, you’ll have to just read the whole thing, or, look at the pictures, or just skip to the end, whatever. Anyway, the full story is after the click:

We began out adventure at 7:30 pm the night of Wednesday, November 15, 2006. We got a call from Mike’s dad around 6ish that said there were already 5 people outside Best Buy in tents waiting. That made us sad, be we were going to go anyway, just in case.

We packed up our car with all the stuff we were bringing, which was alot:

(click images for full sized)

We looked at the stuff on our cart, and the stuff in the car, and realized that absolutly 0% of all the stuff we were taking with us was vital to human survival, aren’t we special?

We got to Best Buy at around 8:30, and we were saddened that there were 12+ people in tents outside Best Buy waiting for the PS3. We drove away sad. Then we decided to check out Circuit City, and Wal-Mart. CC had about 5 people outside it, and WM had about 9, we weren’t getting one there…

We decided to go to Target to see too, and, low and behold, there was NO ONE ONLINE! We were happy, but concerned too, so mike got out and went inside to ask if they were actually going to get any PS3s. Here’s the deal he said when he got back:

They will be getting PS3’s, they don’t know how many. Store policy says that they cannot allow people to wait outside the store untill 10pm (closing time) the day before. So, we said, ok, we can live with that, and left to go to Mike’s house to get some stuff, eat, and drop Anne Marie off at her house. Then we totally planned on going back to Target around 11ish after they closed to wait inline then.

So we got there again at around 10:30 pm, and there was one car in the parking lot, but, as it turns out, Target has a night shift, and the day manager was still just leaving. The people in the car ahead of us were getting out and setting up chairs when the manager came out and told them the story. We decided to leave and go to mike’s, watch a movie, and come back to see what the deal was at around 2ish.

So after watching Terminator 2, we decided to go back to Target. We got there around 2:30ish, and we were sorta supprised, but not really to find a line of 6 people outside the store in chairs waiting. Number 6 in line told us to read the sign on the door, which said that they were getting 6 60GB PS3’s and so on. They were getting 6, and there were 6 in line, we were screwed. Then for some unknown reason, number 4 in line leaves….we’re in busisness!

So we got our chairs out, and set them down, then we asked the other 5 people if they were bored, they said yea. That’s when we decided to set up our stuff.

While we were setting up, the people in line started wispering, they wer curious. One of them guessed we had a projector, and when they heard the generator, they kinda figured out what we were doing. We asked them if they had any preferences to which movie they wanted to watch, they didn’t so we decided to watch Star Wars III. We got about 85% through with it before it started to rain. We quickly packed all the electronics up, and put them away before it started to pour. Then we moved online with the others and read until the morning:

as you can no doubt not see at all from the above picture, there wasn’t much light, even though the 3 LED flashlight we had was pretty damn bright, to read by, but we mananged. Mike decided to start rereading the Halo books before he started to read the 4th one which we just got, i decided to read the latest edition of EGM, cause i forgot the 4th Halo book at my room.

The rest of the night passed by without anything special happening, we were the only people there till around 4:30ish when one other person came. A few others came as the day went on, at its peak, there were over 30 people in line, and this was when there was still only a guarentee of 6 PS3s to go around.

At 7/8am i dont remember when exactly, the Target manager came out and told us the deal; they had 6 PS3s to go around, and all that. They said that they were not going to kick us out from infront of their store, so that was good. All that they asked was that we move from infront of the doors, and that we leave room for them to get to the shopping carts on the side. That’s when we met John, the source of many great times while we were waiting in line.

John was a Target employee that was in charge of moving the carts around the parking lot. He was a great guy! We first met him when he took a line of about 30 carts off the sidewalk and onto the parking lot, he had total control over all of them, except when the last cart went over, the frist one broke free and went straight, he made a mad dash to try and stop it, but came up just too short, and it bumped into the red pickup truck in the handicap spot. But no harm, we appluded John anyway. The rest of the day was similar to that with John, only he never missed again. Maybe it was stage fright, he was trying to impress us?

Around noon the weather started to turn bad:

So we decided to set up the canopy cause the umbrella tripod contraption we had before just wouldn’t cut it anymore:

When John wasnt impressing us with his awesome cart abilities, we were sitting under our canopy, looking at each other, and since we were in line for a long time, and us 7 got to know each other, however, i think we only mentioned our names once or twice, we unoffically called each other by their number in line. In the above photo its # 2, 3, 6 (mike), and 10. It was around this time that our second event of the day occured.

While we were harmlessly waiting in line, a passer by going into Target asked us what we were waiting for, we excitedly told her and she moved on fine. The other person in front of her however was different. She was already near the door to Target, but she stopped and told us that “video games killed her son” and some other things, then she went in. We laughed at this for a while, and then forgot about it, till she walked out about 30 mins later. She approached us, and asked how many of us intended to let children play these games we were getting, and what kind of games we were getting. When we told her yes everyone should have the ability to enjoy these games. We told her we like everything mostly, except sports, but FPS (first person shooters) were our favs (for me and mike anyway). She continued to go trying to push her beleifs onto us that video games were the root of all evil in this world. She told us the story of how her son and 2 of his friends decided to act out Mortal Kombat some years ago, and in the process, he son died. Now, instead of blaming this on her, the person who most likely bought the game for her son, the person who allowed her son to play the game, and the person who WASN”T there to watch what her son was doing at the time, she blamed it on video games. Ah, the blind stupidity of people sometimes. Well, number 4 was really excited about this, he and her went at it for about 10 minutes. Finally ending with “I don’t beleive in children!…I don’t beleive in God either!” as the old crazy lady walked back to her car. Number 5 told us what she was thinking, and we insantly found out that she had more self control then the rest of us.

The rest of the people who passed us we not nearly as annoying as she was, most were curious, and wished us luck.

Number 5 had some friends of hers come by around noonish too and we all got together and put in a food order for down at Stew Leonard’s. They brought us our lunch, and everything was good. Food was good, and we were full and not too cold cause it hadn’t rained yet….yet…

Around this time somewhere the Target people came out and told us that they actually had 12 60GB PS3s to go around, and this made the frst 12 of us extremely happy.

The weather finally did turn for the worse around 3:30pm. And from all the people who passed us we learned that around 3ish we were supposed to get a massive storm comming our way. I called my home (about an hour south of there) to tell them that i was still alive and all that, and they said that the wind was crazy and it was on the verge of pouring. This did not make our day any happier. So we decided to turn our canopy into a makshift tent:

We also moved the whole thing down alittle closer to the store to get under the park bench that was there.

The other people in line decided that they didnt want to get wet either, so they began to set up a tent too:

The other people in line from #14 and on were the most loud and annoying people ever. This one girl, (i think she was number 14, i never really cared to find out) was just so loud and obnoxious it made me cry. Us 7 offically agreed that she needed to shut up or die, or both, alas, nither happened. Anyway, we had to endure them for the next 15 hours or so, but somehow me managed.

We got some food delivered to us around 5ish, that was good, we ate it and it was yummy, then we just went back to waiting…

Night came, and with night came the rain, lots of it, rain and wind, and cold:

Around 9:00 pm there was more comotion, and as it turned out, a Target employee told his friends to stop by at 9:30, and he would make sure that they get first in line. This made number 5 crazy, and she was on the verge of fighting (she appeared to be over 40 years old). The Target manager came out, and assured us that they would recegonize us as the line, and all that good stuff. Me and mike and 4 went back under the tent. 5 was concerned that around 2am, those people would come back, and just like kill us in line and take our places. She was being paranoid, but we were told that the police would be making regular patrols of the parking lot, and not to worry. We stayed like that for a little longer, then around 10:15 (after Target closed) we decided to spend the rest of the night waiting outside the doors just in case:

We stayed like that for the rest of the night. I walked around the parking lot a few times, and in the process, i found 11 cents. I also couldnt take it too much longer, and went into the car to warm up for 15 minutes.

Around 2ish am, we decided to get a picture of the 12 of us that were getting a PS3:

Top row from left: 5, 8, 9, 1, 11, 3, 6, 4

Bottom row from left: 2, brother of 10, 10, 12, 7

I vaguely remember their names, but the number system works better.

The rest of the night was pretty much the same stuff, walking, shivering, waiting. I dozed off for about an hour or so, same with mike, and the same with most of us, except 5, i never saw her sleep at all.

We slowly made our way to 6 am when we decided to take down “Tent City” as it was so being called. It came don much quicker then it went up, and we put it all away, then sat in the car for 15 minutes to warm up before we waited outside till 7am when Target was giving out the vouchers.

7 AM arrives!

Around 7ish, alittle after actually, the Target people come out and hand out vouchers for your PS3s. As it turned out they only had 8 60GB and 4 20GB ones, but its ok, they still had 12 total, and i was still getting a 60GB one, so i was fine.

In addition to the vouchers, they gave out a card to “help us make our buying decisions” It consisted of a list of some launch games and pretty pictures of the PS3:

The Target people bring out free popcorn, cokes, and hot chocolates aroun 7:30ish and then we just wait till 8:00 am when the store opens to go in. Mike’s dad brought us a bagel and coffee each and that held me over.

Supprisingly, there are still about 16 people waiting in line for a PS3, and more keep showing up. One nicely dressed person drove up in a Porsche and waited at the end of the line for about 20 mins when the Target manager came out and told us all the final situation. He then went up to the Target guy, asked him some questions, and then left rather pissed off. We laughed, and wondered how much he would have been willing to pay on the spot for one.

You can see in the below pictue that everyone after number 11, is not gettin one, thats 8 people who are still there for some reason. (the girl to the left of 11 is his girlfriend, and the guy to the right is number 13, he’s holding out just in case, and, can you blame him anyway?)

8 AM arrives!

The doors open, and they let us in, they walk us down the hallway to the bikes, where we turn right, then towards the tvs where we turn right again, then we wait in line one by one to go get ours.

The head target person said we weren’t allowed to take photos in the store, so we just stood there and waited. We were out of Target around 8:20 am. But me and mike did each get a ps3, and we were very happy and excited about it:

The boxes weren’t a big as we were expecting, but they were DAMN heavy!

That’s our adventure. It began at around 8:30 wedensday night, and ended around 8:30 friday morning, in total 29 hours and 45 minutes of waiting in line, 2 hours of sleep max, (for me, i had gotten 3 hours total in the past 96) and some new friends, but everything’s all good!

I left mike’s around 10:00ish am to bring Maria back to school, we got there around 11am, i uppacked the car alone, and went to my room around 12 noon, and passed out till 6, then i ate something, and went back to bed till 12 midnight, then i went back to bed and woke up around 10am today, satudray, that’s why this post has taken so long to get up, sorry, but it’s here now for all of you to enjoy.

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  1. Good story. You should turn it into a children’s picture book. A story of the triumph of two good, honest (if a little kleptomaniacal) kids against the rages of weather, prejudice, and unfairness and about the friends they make along the way. You should probably get it illustrated by someone cool in the kids’ world, like the person who drew the Where’s Waldo series. Instant best seller.

  2. how do you get kleptomaniacal from that post, as far as i can tell, we didn’t steal nothing….anyway, yea, that’s not a bad idea, but i think i have some better ideas for a children’s book, you should look them over one day, or email me and if i get unlazy ill send them to you, but be warned, you will be about to enter the crazy mixed up universe that is me.

    oh well.

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