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Pla virtual console games old school

Depending on how i find the classic controller, i may get one of these, which let you play the NES, and SNES games on the Wii virtual console with the NES, and SNES controller, each cost $19, and will be available in January 2007.
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As the opening statement says:

Pastafarianism is a wholly remarkable religion; in fact, it’s probably the most remarkable religion ever to come out of a small, and often disturbing, imaginations of the sentient beings on our fair planet.

With a “god” called The Flying Spaghetti Monster, who is invisible, and can fly, Pirates being considered divine beings in Pastafarianism, it sounds like a good religion.

According to Pastafarianism, the FSM created the whole of the universe was created in one day, and it consisted of a mountain, trees, and a midget, Humans are not created in the FSM’s own image, for he is a perfect being.

Heaven in Pastafarianism is the equivalent of Paradise, Utopia, Bliss, Dreamland, and Hell. And more importantly, it has Beer volcanoes, and a stripper factory.

Bobby Henderson is their Prophet for he has introduced the world to these beliefs.

Learn more about Pastafarianism

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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By By Google Answers

What you’ve never heard of Google Answers? Well not many people have. I have heard of it, and i considered trying it out a few times, but, then i found out that you have to pay to get an answer, that’s when i just went to the normal Google page, and asked the question, and always got an answer, (whether it was right or not i never cared). Anyway, as it turns out, the 4 year experiment has been deemed a failure by Google (well sorta) and they are no longer accepting new questions. You can still browse the questions and answers that have been asked over the last few years though.

I for one am surprised that it lasted as long as it did. Google has never been the sort of company that charged its users for products, and i always wondered when they would either make this free, or just get rid of it completely. It’s not a major loss for the world, but it is a step backwards in Google’s ultimate goal of Global Domination.
Google Blog post

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Making LEGO bricks

Ever wonder how LEGO bricks are made?

Businessweek has a nice article on the making of LEGO bricks.

They start out as little granules of plastic, are heated to 449.6 degrees F, hit with 25~150 tons of force, set to cool, then separated by size and color:

I love LEGO toys, i’ve been playing with them since before i can remember, and its nice to see how they’re made, its pretty cool.

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The most amazing chair ever

Look at that chair, doesn’t it not only look comfortable, but also scary, cool, interesting, unstable, and just overall great at the same time?

Too damn bad it costs over $2,000 i mean, come on, its a chair…

Stokke Gravity chair

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Google’s first Masterplan

Google has a white board in their lobby, and on it there is a massive flowchart of information regarding their masterplan.
Much of it looks like just  fun humor, but do you really trust that, I’m sure that Google really is interested in many of the things listed here.  It wouldnt supprise me.  view the album, and read the subtitles on each photo
3 more photos after the click:

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Zelda Fan?

Ok, this is a pretty sweet setup i’d have to say that i would try to make one of these myself…whenever i get a wii…

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Click to Call

Ok, so this isn’t the newest feature of Google Maps, it was introduced a few weeks ago, but i have been using it alot recently to call the local electronic stores looking for a Wii, they’re sold out as you know, and i wasnt able to get one.

I like the click to call feature, cause i can input my phone number once, and then just choose the Best Buy’s, and Toy’s R Us’ and other stores near by, and just click, and it calls, minimal amount of punching numbers into my phone, i like. Google claims it’s free, and picks up the tab to connect, but i wont know till the next bill comes in.

Its a pretty neat little thing, that you should try out just search for a business, and click the ” />

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Homemade Nuclear reactor

Ummm….wow, 17 year old Thiago Olson invested 2 years and 1,000 hours of research into it, but he has succeded in making a working nuclear fusion reactor.

That’s just damn impressive, and thats all i have to say.

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long weekend

So, its Thanksgiving week, and, i probably wont be infront of a computer till i get back to school on sunday, its doubtful that anyone else will post anything to here between now and then too, so, for everyone else, happy thanksgiving, and hopefully everything will be back up to normal next week.