Watch cars be made


If you’re ever in Dresden, Germany you should visit the VW factory there, from these photos, it’s amazing! Not only are the walls made of glass, so its not like a warehouse, but this place looks so frekin clean!¬† It reminds me of the clean rooms where they make computer chips. more photos {MAKE}

Hard drive clock


This is actually a cool project, and now that i know what a hard drive does in the microwave, i think i may try this out with the next dead hard drive i get. instructions  {MAKE}



Apparently this guy got this error while trying out Windows Vista, kinda weird, and deficiently a paradox if you ask me, but hey, its windows, thats the only thing i can think of to justify that error.

Make your own snow


Kinda sorta maybe, i couldnt find too much good info on this machiene, except that it exsists, but i dont know when/where i can get it, nor how much it costs, but, still, if i were rich, i would own this, then again if i were rich, i would live somewhere where i wouldnt need … Continued

Dating life (but with a bag of flour)


This site has a very amusing way of telling kids what it’s like to start dating. It takes you through the first 3 months of dating someone, and its a real good read.

Proof of our end?


The fish know it, Google’s part of it, it’s in The Bible, what more proof do you need to know that the world will end in 2012?

Swallow a magnet


This guy swallows a magnet, and then trackes it’s progress with a coin? Kinda crappy quality, but, an interesting stupid experiment nonetheless.

Deadly Computer Search Engine (powered by Google)


So yesterday Google released the Google Co-op tools to create your own search engine, there are minimal options right now, but i made a simple one for Deadly Computer, you should use it, its cool… Deadly Computer Search

Modular clocks


These are a pretty cool idea, be it dumb, and useless, if it wasnt $89 i may get one… buy one