Electromagnetic Spacelauncher


I first heard of this technology some time ago, probably when i was in elemetary school, and i thought that it was perfect.  The idea behind it is this, set up a mag-lev like track miles long in the desert which accelerates a ship up to the speeds needed to reach space.  This would be far cheaper, and less polutant then the current methods.

However, this new one uses not miles of miles of track, but a 2km diameter ring of track on which the ship would circle until it attained 10km/s then it would go through a switch to a vertical/angled section, and be launched into space.

Very nice alternative, until you remember that little thing called centripetal force, which at those speeds is enough to kill any human basically.  However, what humans can’t do, thermo-nuclear devices can do, and we all know that space is the final frontier, and what better way to begin exploring it again, but to pave the way with weapons of mas destruction.  Besides, its also another life goal of mine to see a nuclear explosion in space, and now that i have that great insurance, i can see it!

sweet, my week just got so much better!

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2 responses to “Electromagnetic Spacelauncher

  1. I believe they would use a very similar apparatus for Rods from God. Just instead of satellites, objects that greatly fragment upon impact, and instead of going to space, they’d at some enemy city.

  2. never heard of Rods from God, but that sounds like a cool weapon.
    Actually, im supprised i havent used a weapon like this in my drawings…i should incorporate one of these, i have enough space

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