I’m The Invisible Man, I’m The Invisible Man,


Incredible how you can, see right through me. Ok, not really, and i had to go with the Queen reference just so you know. But scientists in Australia have discovered strange connections in the left temporoparietal junction of our brain, where that is, i dont know where that is, but it tricks the brain into … Continued

The nonfloppy bag


This is a nice bag, i like it, but, i dont think i have enough floppys to make it with.  I think i’ll try cd’s, cause if it doesnt work, then i can microwave the whole thing! instructions

10 apps to “protect” you from the CIA


First, i think its the NSA that one needs protecting from, but, thats just me. Anyway, this list deals mostly with secure password creators, and places to store those passwords.  There is a file shredder on there too, and programs that let you hide drives/folders inside each other.  However, the most promising program i see … Continued

sound over power


The power lines in one’s house are incredible, not only can they power your computer, and provide you with internet, now they can give music to you too! This new product from Pioneer has one control base where music gets input from any of the 5 inputs, (2 usb, one front audio input, and to … Continued

the Periodic Table, Google Style


Ok, some guy decided that the normal periodic table of elments was kinda boring, and, i would have to agree with him.  So, he decided to do a Google Image search for every element, and take the first result for each, and use that as the element’s identification. I like it, i like it alot. … Continued

Destroy the Earth


Did you know that it’s possible to destroy the earth with a single coffee can? Me neither! But this guy tells us all how to do it, its rather easy, and, all you need is a photo of Angelina Jolie and a coffee can!

iTunes 7.0


Haha, i just had to! Anyway, chris never went into how to fix the problem, i dont know he he didnt know how to, or if he just didnt.  either way, i have found a fix. It seems that the culprit was QuickTime. The newer version of QuickTime changed one of the default audio settings. … Continued

Google working on Time Travel


For a while now, it’s been rumored that Google has been working on time travel. Unfortunately, I have to lay these rumors to rest: we’ve really been working on having “organizing-your-time” travel. Ok, not really, but they did acknowledge the rumor, and deny it, and, when on denies, one generally lies! Ok, maybe not really. … Continued

Picasa web albums for all!


So Google has made Picasa web albums free for anyone now.  Kinda good i guess, but i’ve been using it for a while now, and i dont think that it’s ready.  I constantly get errors can’t connect to the web albums servers, and so on.  Hopefully they’ve fixed that now. But, while you’re checking out … Continued