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take someone else’s photos!

Don’t have what it takes to be a good photographer?  Let someone else do it for you!

This new “product” saves a time stamp of the time you press the “take picture button” then when you connect it to your computer, it searches Flickr for  photos uploaded with the same time stamp.

This has to be THE STUPIDEST THING EVER.  Just my 2 cents.




This video is just too awesome.  It looks like something went wrong at a relaystation or something, and lightning went into the sky!  I love this type of stuff!

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LED light bombs!

Ok, these arent really bombs, but they are amazingly cool!

And, over the summer i wanted to make these, but, i got way lazy, and way not enough money to buy the leds to make one.  But i still will make one, cause it would cost way less then the $200 to buy one of these


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So, in the past few days we have seen an amazing ammount of traffic from the website Stumbleupon.  I’ve looked into this site, and i signed up for it, and, I LOVE IT.

Hopefully some of the 1500 people who’ve come from there in the past week or so will become regular visitors.

If you’ve come from Stumbleupon, please, leave a comment on this post, i’d like to know.

Also, expect a review on that site by me in the comming days…

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This history of the Internet. Part I

This is a nice humorous history of the internet, complete with timeline, and pictures!

The Lemon

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the most popular 8 year old ever

Google celebrates its 8th birthday this week.  What do you get the most popular search engine ever?  How about more global domination?  We all know that’s one of the few things left on Google’s list of things to do before they die, and they’ve come so very far so far!

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Make your own Nuke

Somehow, i dont think this is as good a book as i hope it is.

Kinda like the make your own c-4 we found…kinda depressing when you finish reading it
buy one

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underwater webcam

This is actually a very interesting project, i like it alot.  It’s something i want to try out in my pond maybe.  Actually, i’ll attach some leds to it, cause my pond is deep, and oh man this is already sounding awesome!

Read his instructions

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Google notebook updates

Google Calendar isnt the only thing to get updates today, Google Notebook gets some new features too.

Those include the ability to share notes with few friends, and group edit (this sounds like a basic version of writely to me) Undo, and undelete (undelete is stupid i think, but im smart, and i dont delete important things, unlike 111% of the rest of the world), and a Google Notebook gadget for your personalized homepage.

Looks good, personally i only use notebook for links and such on important sites i visit just enough to not have them in my history, but not enough to bookmark them.

new features

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Google doodles in your calander

I love the Google doodles, they’re one of my most favorite features on Google.  I love them cause 1. they usually are well drawn, and relevant.  and 2. they dont just happen on the major holidays, special events, i learn many new things on those days.

Anyway, now you can add a special calendar by Google to your Google Calendar when those come out, so you’ll always know

You can also add web events to your calendars too. Kinda cool, but now i have to go to class, more on that later today maybe, or just read this: whats new in Google Calendar