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The Church of Google

There’s a new religion on the block over at

We at The Church Of Google believe a convincing argument can be made stating that the search engine Google is the closest mankind has ever come to experiencing an actual Deity. It is the ultimate bridge between people and information.

Deities are typically described by their unique attributes such as being all-knowing, all-seeing, everywhere at once, the ability to answer prayers (search), being immortal, infinite, remembering all (Google cache) and of course Deities must “do no evil”. Google exhibits all of these characteristics perfectly. Google is certainly the closest thing human kind has to a true, real God.

I wonder what Google thinks of this?  They already don’t want us using Google as a verb and such.

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seemless display

That’s three 20inch diaplays at 1600×1200 resolution, connected together at the edges, except, there’s no seems! That is a 4800×1200 pixel display using 3 DVI ports, and actually looks good.

Mac/Windows/Linux compatable, no drivers needed!

pre-order one

source (gizmodo)

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Eric Schmidt joins Apple Board of Directors

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was elected to join Apple’s Board of Directors yesterday according to the press release
The two hottest companines at this moment are joining forces in a small way.  Could we see more Google products for Mac on the horizion, or could we see more “advanced” motives, like global domination.  Think about it, Apple, and Google, the two things that Microsoft hates the most are linked together now….

Only time will tell what happens, but remember, i predicted it first over a year ago!


we’re having issues

so, for the past week or so, our server has been having issues.  It started on saturday, and has gone on until today.

We still don’t know 111% what the problem is, but, we’re working on fixing it!

In the process, we dont know if the blog, or our main page, or my page, or any page on our server works outside The University of Hartford.  So, if you are located outside the University of Hartford, please leave us a comment saying that you can see this page!  If you cant see this, then we have a problem, but there’s nothing you can do right now, for the next time though, send us an email at

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measure map finally coming out?

So, its been half a year since Google acquired Measure Map this past Feburary. Multiple emails to them requesting being added to the beta, but, it has been:

We’re making improvements and not currently offering new accounts. Sign up and we’ll let you know when we do:

Thats what its said since feburary, never changing, never moving. However, today, while i was looking up on it again, i clicked on the log in to measure map link just for fun, and i got this error, from this link

What could it mean? August 30th is a day away, could this finally be the “public” beta launch of the service. I havent heard anything from anyone about it, from people who had it before Google acquired them, to anyone ever getting accepted to the service. I have been anxious to get it and add it to the other Google services i’ve used.

Could Google be launching the service stand alone, or do you think they would add it to the’re Google Analytics? Either way, we have just one more day until Measure Map is back online.


woops, the server was unable to perform your request

no, really, our server broke last night, and we dont know why, and thats why nothing worked at all today.

we’re in the process of fixing it and making it nicer with a new install (cause we couldnt figure out what happened to the old one).  Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be fixed, and better.


awesome DIY

we’re baaaack!

So, move in is completed (for me anyway, mike was done the other day, and chris comes tonight/tomorrow).  Another semister is begining, and so far, it has the workings of being the best one so far (that ive had anyway).

That being said, we will be back up, and begin our normaler posting schedule tomorrow.

Till then i leave you with this awesome picture of a DIY tank (that doesnt really work)

source (MAKE)



we suck, we suck sooooooooooo much dont we!

we missed another greatest list (although, thats not 111% my fault chris/mike!), and to top it all off, we will be dow for a little while tomorrow while mike relocates the server.  Hopefully the downtime will be kept to a minimun, but you never know…

sorry in advance…



it’s 10 pm, do you know where you children are?

So, do you?

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Google services you’ll never see

Google Hitman Assistant – Find, shcedule, and collect on all your assassinations with this suite of products

Googlearchy – Tired of democracy? Install the government that everyone loves without annoying pop-up ad

Google Invading Force – Some pesky third world country got you down? Send in the troops with Google’s new troop management tool

Those are my favorites of the 11 listed, and, i would so use all of those. Googlearchy would probably be an instant success, and combined with Google Invading Force, could drastically change the world!

source (BBspot)