A better SETI


SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) has a list of the top 4 reasons people send in emails as to why they havent found anything yet: 1. “You’re counting on the aliens using communication technology (radio, light) that’s oh-so-last century. They will be far beyond this.” I agree and i disagree at the same time.  … Continued

Visa: “It’s everywhere you want to be”


Monopoly has joined forces with Visa and is using it for its money exchange system in a new version of the famous board game. Who knows why they did this. Could it be that they want to teach yougins how to get in dept at an earlier age? Could it be that if they don’t … Continued

SSBM online


ok, this is some set up but if you really, really, really, really want to play ssbm online, then you might as well try it out! (video of it working after click) Note, you WILL need these things before you start: -Internet Connection(duh) -Router(any will do) -2 straight-thru network cables(NOT crossover) one for router to … Continued

The fish bowl


I think i wont one.  I mean, it’s just a great novelty!  This offers all sorts of conveiences.  For one, you would never forget to feed your fish, cause, you would see them every day.  And, if you forget to feed your fish, you can give them the proper burial, just lift the lid, scoop … Continued

Windows is illegal!


Ok, well, not really, but this is an interesting read, according to some research TecRepublic has done, the software that Windows coders used was illegal, or an illegal cracked version anyway.  If you open up one of the .wav files with notepad in the dir: Windows\Help\Tours\WindowsMediaPlayer\Audio\Wav and scroll down to the bottom, you find the … Continued

Microsoft Officially Announces Zune


Even though everyone knew about it. I mean honestly, I was pretty appalled when Apple tried to sue great news sites such as Think Secret for posting secrets, but at least they try and keep them. Engadget has a great write up of all that is known, sort of hinted at and straight up rumors … Continued

summer storms


i love them! recently, in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) anyway there were 2 massive storms. One of them actually producing an F-2 tornado! here is a link to a video caught by a cell phone Now i didn’t get to see this tornado in person (but oh man do i want to see … Continued

microwave site version 3.1


the microwave site has been updated. version 3.1  why 3.1 and not 3.0 because 3.0 is just to eh, and besides now i am secretly paying homage to windows 3.1 the “best” windows ever! Anyway, its all pretty like, and more organized and there are a few new things there! microwave site

world jump day!


did you jump? i did…. do you think it will change global warming? i dont…. did you think it was an awesome, stupid, only from the internet idea? i did…

The internet is a series of tubes


In what was probabaly the most interesting, and funny things i’ve seen on The Daily Show with Jon Stewert in a long time.  (don’t get me wrong, i love The Daily show, but this clip, it jst wowed me!) Here we have John Hodgman (the “I’m a P.C.” from the awesome Apple ads), give us, … Continued