Our Hopes and Dreams…Shattered…


For those of you who don’t know…one of the goals of this little blog type thing was to make it possible for us to attend E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo held every year in LA. Never mind we would have to pay to get there…but we could be members of the press…

The Entertainment Software Assocation, which hosts E3 each year, announced today that going forward the Expo will be an “intimate event” rather than a massive trade show, hosting press events and small meetings with media, retailers, and developers.

Seriously, there is no way three college kids from Connecticut (sorry steve…and New York) are gonna be able to wangle press passes to a small trade show…unless someone reads this and takes pity on us.

I’m still wondering what made them make this decision. Was it the 4+ hour lines to play Wii? Maybe it was Sony creating such a big fuss about something so lackluster that they felt the fanboys couldn’t take that kind of letdown anymore? Or maybe it was because Microsoft put together a solid show and even though their machine has been out for quite a while still drummed up more interest in the 360 than Sony could do?

The world may never know…

source: ign 

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