the greatest… cream flavors


its the middle of summer, its a million degrees out, and the a/c doesnt work. what do you do? open your freezer and set up a tent and live there until you a. die, b. break the freezer, c. winter comes. Well, that’s one answer, but the other is to just eat some ice cream, and here we are bring you a non-biased* list of the greatest ice cream flavors ever.

full list after the click:

*this is a blatent lie

the greatest….ice cream flavors…**
7. Peanut Butter Cup

6. Oreo

5. Mint Chocolate Chip

4. Chocolate

the other basic ice cream flavor…

3.  Vanilla

vanilla, the most basic of ice cream flavors, it should be the greatest, yet it isnt….
2. Cookie Dough

1. French Vanilla

Vanilla, the most basic of the ice cream flavors, what could be better then the plain old taste of vanilla, well French Vanilla that is.  The darkerness of the color, the better taste, all of it, its just sooooo much better then regular plane old vanilla.

**all ice cream flavors are based on my (steve’s) point of view, and all flavors are based on fake ice cream, that all natural stuff, it just tastes like crap.  I mean, i can easially eat an entire half gallon carton of Stew Leonard’s ice cream, but a pint of Ben & Jerry’s i can just about put one of those down (granted, in like 15 mins (on a bad day)), but after im done with it, i cant have anymore….

7 responses to “the greatest… cream flavors

  1. ok, i guess i can agree for the most part, but i’m sad that it’s cookie dough and not chocolate chip cookie dough and no where is rocky road even mentioned. peanut butter and ice cream definitely don’t go together in my mind. and sadly…mint chocolate chip does in fact taste like toothpaste.

  2. mmm, ice cream. im a big fan of homemade pumpkin, myself. vanilla is good, c.c. cookie dough.

    oh man, i worked at an ice cream shoppe in cromwell where they made all their own ice cream (it was a family business) for about 6 years. if they paid me there what i get paid now for an hour’s worth of work–i’d totally be scooping ice cream. *sigh*

    oh, and good mint chocolate chip doesn’t taste like toothpaste

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