Take it Apart.net


This site is right up our alley. Take It Apart dot net They doccument the “destruction” of some electronic devices.  It includes everything from a Dell Printer, to a PS2 controller, to a N64 rumble pack.  They take pictures of all of it, and doccument it for all the world to see.

I think it’s a great site, and i will be going there often.

4 responses to “Take it Apart.net

  1. but it’s more fun our way! everybody grab a screw driver and what doesn’t come apart easily, just let dan tear it off. seriously. we didn’t hurt anything particularly important to us when we ravaged the printers…and plus i’m sure they don’t document playing in toner like dirt babies.

  2. i think until you were until you a- realized exactly how messy it was and b- how much you wanted to join in. your canera’s too nice to let it get ruined by toner.

  3. you were gonng doccument the things we take appart, in our own way.
    these people doccument the “correct” way to take appart electronic devices, without the needless destruction.

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