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the sniper glue gun

That is a glue gun modified for use on percision things.  Its a very good idea i think, cause you know me, i use hot glue to fix everything, and i usually use my finger to put the glue into the hard to reach places.  Sure that causes some burns, but its nothing compared to the finished project (most of the time)

Anyway, this is one diy i probably should do, but probably wont, mostly cause i dont have a sparea glue gun…

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August 23rd…Write it Down

Joystiq did some deep sleuthing and figured out when Nintendo will drop the sheets on everything else they care to tell us about Wii. According to the German Games Convention Website:

Nintendo has stated they would reveal launch details, including pricing, sometime in September. August 23 might be close enough for a revelation or two.

And oh man, it’s right there in black and white (and maybe some other colors…) Nintendo will be giving an address entitled “Wii Will Prove Our Promise.”

I’m excited

source: joystiq

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Our Hopes and Dreams…Shattered…

For those of you who don’t know…one of the goals of this little blog type thing was to make it possible for us to attend E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo held every year in LA. Never mind we would have to pay to get there…but we could be members of the press…

The Entertainment Software Assocation, which hosts E3 each year, announced today that going forward the Expo will be an “intimate event” rather than a massive trade show, hosting press events and small meetings with media, retailers, and developers.

Seriously, there is no way three college kids from Connecticut (sorry steve…and New York) are gonna be able to wangle press passes to a small trade show…unless someone reads this and takes pity on us.

I’m still wondering what made them make this decision. Was it the 4+ hour lines to play Wii? Maybe it was Sony creating such a big fuss about something so lackluster that they felt the fanboys couldn’t take that kind of letdown anymore? Or maybe it was because Microsoft put together a solid show and even though their machine has been out for quite a while still drummed up more interest in the 360 than Sony could do?

The world may never know…

source: ign 

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concord, what concord?

It’s always been a dream of mine to travel faster then the speed of sound.  Along with other dreams, (travel faster then the speed of light, see a nuclear explosion, get slashdotted, rule the world, & meet Bruce Willis) that dream died with the death of the Concord.  However, if the world can just stay undestroied by the year 2013, then one of those dreams may come true!

Lockheed Martin, those guys behind some of the most famous planes in the world (F-15, F-22), and the company that backs the most famous name in advanced military air planes Skunk Works (U-2, SR-71, F-117) have been given the task of building a qupersonic passenger jet that will not cause a sonic boom.  It’s supposed to be a small private plane (only 12 seats) and meant for busisnesses.  Its also not scheduled to be completed until 2013.

Well, Lockheed Martin, get working! With the current predictions, the end of the world is going to be in late 2011, 2 years before this thing is ready!

source (gizmodo)

from (New Scientist Tech)

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projector update!

oh man, its been a few months, but i finally have news on the projector front.

My dad acquired an overhead projector that his work was getting rid of, and now i’m begining brainstorming on how to make it work.

Oh and this projector will probably be 100% all new, cause the lcd screen from the last one….yea, it broke.  But! my uncle gave me his old apple 15 in cinima display.  and, as a plus, it has rca/s-video/vga inputs! So its perfect, and it was free!

So, hopefully when chem is over (one more week!!!) i can begin construction of this! yay!

oh, and im far to lazy to go take a picture of the overhead projector i got, or the screen i got, sorry….

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Google Talk updates

File transfers!

Finally, file transfers are in Google Talk.  Now i can use Gtalk exclusively with mike, and, thats about it, cause everyone else i talk to is to lazy to switch.  Then again, of all the people i know, i’m the only one to freely “sign my life over to Google” or in other terms, actively use just about every product they have to offer.

Anyway, the new Google Talk lets you transfer files to other Google Talk users, and gives you the ability to send voicemail, either to users, or to their gmail accounts.

The voicemail im assuming would be archived in gmail, however, i would love an option to keep transfered files in your gmail archive, if you want that is, but i can see that it would be hard to impliment what with no limit on the file sizes you can transfer to one another.


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our new look

over the next…..however long it takes me to finish it… will be noticing some changes to the site.

As you can see right this instant, the blog is undergoing a new theme.  It will be some time before i get everything worked out, but leave some comments here, or send us an email: with any suggestions you may have.

i hope to have this all finished by the time school starts again at the end of august.

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Take it

This site is right up our alley. Take It Apart dot net They doccument the “destruction” of some electronic devices.  It includes everything from a Dell Printer, to a PS2 controller, to a N64 rumble pack.  They take pictures of all of it, and doccument it for all the world to see.

I think it’s a great site, and i will be going there often.

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the greatest… cream flavors

its the middle of summer, its a million degrees out, and the a/c doesnt work. what do you do? open your freezer and set up a tent and live there until you a. die, b. break the freezer, c. winter comes. Well, that’s one answer, but the other is to just eat some ice cream, and here we are bring you a non-biased* list of the greatest ice cream flavors ever.

full list after the click:

*this is a blatent lie

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writing in the water

I think this is amazing!

Some Japanese  researchers discovered a way to use multiple waves to create letters.  This set up can write every letter of the Roman alphabet 4cm high.

I say again, i think this is amazing!

source (Gizmodo)

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