the sniper glue gun


That is a glue gun modified for use on percision things.  Its a very good idea i think, cause you know me, i use hot glue to fix everything, and i usually use my finger to put the glue into the hard to reach places.  Sure that causes some burns, but its nothing compared to … Continued

August 23rd…Write it Down


Joystiq did some deep sleuthing and figured out when Nintendo will drop the sheets on everything else they care to tell us about Wii. According to the German Games Convention Website: Nintendo has stated they would reveal launch details, including pricing, sometime in September. August 23 might be close enough for a revelation or two. … Continued

Our Hopes and Dreams…Shattered…


For those of you who don’t know…one of the goals of this little blog type thing was to make it possible for us to attend E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo held every year in LA. Never mind we would have to pay to get there…but we could be members of the press… The Entertainment Software … Continued

concord, what concord?


It’s always been a dream of mine to travel faster then the speed of sound.  Along with other dreams, (travel faster then the speed of light, see a nuclear explosion, get slashdotted, rule the world, & meet Bruce Willis) that dream died with the death of the Concord.  However, if the world can just stay … Continued

projector update!


oh man, its been a few months, but i finally have news on the projector front. My dad acquired an overhead projector that his work was getting rid of, and now i’m begining brainstorming on how to make it work. Oh and this projector will probably be 100% all new, cause the lcd screen from … Continued

Google Talk updates


File transfers! Finally, file transfers are in Google Talk.  Now i can use Gtalk exclusively with mike, and, thats about it, cause everyone else i talk to is to lazy to switch.  Then again, of all the people i know, i’m the only one to freely “sign my life over to Google” or in other … Continued

our new look


over the next…..however long it takes me to finish it… will be noticing some changes to the site. As you can see right this instant, the blog is undergoing a new theme.  It will be some time before i get everything worked out, but leave some comments here, or send us an email: with … Continued

Take it


This site is right up our alley. Take It Apart dot net They doccument the “destruction” of some electronic devices.  It includes everything from a Dell Printer, to a PS2 controller, to a N64 rumble pack.  They take pictures of all of it, and doccument it for all the world to see. I think it’s … Continued

the greatest… cream flavors


its the middle of summer, its a million degrees out, and the a/c doesnt work. what do you do? open your freezer and set up a tent and live there until you a. die, b. break the freezer, c. winter comes. Well, that’s one answer, but the other is to just eat some ice cream, … Continued

writing in the water


I think this is amazing! Some Japanese  researchers discovered a way to use multiple waves to create letters.  This set up can write every letter of the Roman alphabet 4cm high. I say again, i think this is amazing! source (Gizmodo) read more (Pink Tentacle)