Robot coloines on Mars?


When will the scientists learn that by starting robot colonies, they are starting the end of human life as we know it? [gv data=””][/gv] source

Futurama’s back!


The other show by Simpson‘s creator Matt Groening gets a scond chance on Comedy Central.  I can’t tell you how happy i am, because next to The Simpson’s Futurama  is my favorite cartoon. We are thrilled that Matt Groening and 20th Century Fox Television have decided to produce new episodes of ‘Futurama’ and that Comedy … Continued



So I got my copy of Windows Vista BEta 2 in the mail today and just had to share it with everyone. And Steve, check this out:

Google and its users


Google Operating System has a story that appeared on CNN about how Google does not have what it takes to stay around in the long term. This was my response to that story: This article is being reposted on a blog that the vast majority of readers are Google lovers (i am one of them) … Continued

Handshake Recognization thing


This nifty gadget uses technology to help remind you whose hand you shook at that College fair last year, this way when they say “I can get you in no problem, with a $13,000  scholarship”  you can call and rat his ass out when you get rejected. source (Me, My, Coke & I)

the greatest…planets of our solar system


After thinking the other day, i decided to come up with a new, weekly adition to the Deadly Computer blog: the greatest… each wedensday, we will go through the 7 greatest things in a set catageory. The lists will be everything from the greatest days of the week, to the greatest numbers, to the greatest … Continued

Google Movie Trailers


I found a link to Google Movie Trailers today.  It has a nice list of movies, and unlike Apple Trailers, it gives a little thumbnail image of the clip, and the date that the movie is currently scheduled to be released. It looks nice, i don’t know if it will defeat Apple Trailers anytime soon … Continued

Console Power Usage


Average power useage of consoles for the past 2 generations.  $20 a year for playing your 360 everyday for 2 hours mike, thats alot.  $3 for Gamecube, not bad at all! source (Gizmodo)

iTunes & movies?


Steve Jobes is supposely personally in talks with movie studios about starting movie downloads like song downloads.  He wants a set price at $9.99.  The movies studios want a teired price range up to $19.99. I think they need to have a set price. I think a set price is the way to go, and … Continued

Pisca Web Albums


So, i got an invitation to Pisca Web albums this morning.  I’ve uploaded a few pictures so far, you can view them here: (Don’t worry mike, the Deadly Computer picture site will still be what i use for the blog, and, everyone knows i dont post pictures online for other things). I uploaded 4 … Continued