Transformers teaser


The first teaser trailer for Transformers came out, you can view it on the offical site:
I have a few things to say:

***trailer spoiler****

come on, if you’re gonna bitch that i ruined a 2minute trailer for you, you deserve to die, but, i put that there anyway.

The Transformers DIDN’T COME FROM MARS!

But, as chris said, it could be just a “stop” on their way to earth.  Anyway, this is one movie that i cannot wait to see, espically since Transformers has been my second favorite cartoon of all time (G.I. Joe is number 1).

One more thing i have to say, the trailer made it seem like it was the end of the world, well, ive said it many many times, the end of the world comes when the robots invade earth.  I said that they originated from Mars, or another planet, but their main base to attack earth from was on the moon.  This is a sign of the end, the robots are coming….

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