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8 ways to kill someone…..with an iPod nano

McSweeney’s has a list of 8 ways to kill someone with an iPod Nano, if of course all the bullets ak-47s run out, and well, i dont see that happening any time….ever…..

full list after the click below:

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LED light bulb

This is one DIY project that i really love.  It combines many things i love, light bulbs, LEDs, and diyness!

Now all someone needs to do is figure out how to cram a bunch of LEDs into an old light bulb, and reseal it so you can screw it back into a socket, and use it as a light.  It’ll be the last light bulb you’ll ever need to buy!

source (Rainy Day Magazine)

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Transformers teaser

The first teaser trailer for Transformers came out, you can view it on the offical site:
I have a few things to say:

***trailer spoiler****

come on, if you’re gonna bitch that i ruined a 2minute trailer for you, you deserve to die, but, i put that there anyway.

The Transformers DIDN’T COME FROM MARS!

But, as chris said, it could be just a “stop” on their way to earth.  Anyway, this is one movie that i cannot wait to see, espically since Transformers has been my second favorite cartoon of all time (G.I. Joe is number 1).

One more thing i have to say, the trailer made it seem like it was the end of the world, well, ive said it many many times, the end of the world comes when the robots invade earth.  I said that they originated from Mars, or another planet, but their main base to attack earth from was on the moon.  This is a sign of the end, the robots are coming….

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Google Checkout

Today Google launched Google Checkout, their latest volley in the continuning battle for the internet, and in the end, for world domination. So far, Google has reigned supreme, and it doesnt seem like anything will stop them.
I have yet to input all my info into Google Checkout, but, thats only because i’m lazy, and i dont want to go get my wallet from upstairs…

Looks good so far, not many different places to shop yet though, but i think that will change soon.

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Legos gallore!

Another Lego update post!

This time only 2 things (i thought i had like, 7 different ones, but i was wrong)

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This is Availabot a little guy plugs into your computer’s USB port, and, when your budy comes online, he stands up, when he goes away, he falls down.  Its amazing!  This is one thing i will buy NOW.
source (UNEASYsilence)


Military blimp to end the world

The program is called ISIS, short for “Integrated Sensor Is Structure.” And the idea is to park an unmanned airship over a hot zone for a year, at nearly 65,000 feet in the sky. Up there, ISIS can spot enemy soldiers up to 180 miles away, target tanks and trucks, and watch out for incoming cruise missiles 350 miles in the distance — a “detailed, real-time picture of all movement on or above the battlefield,” one Darpa program manager says.

Just in time for the perdicted end of the world, the military is developing a blimp that can help make the process of human demise more easy, espically since the blimp will not be manned.  This means that there will be robots in charge.  And lest we forget, the blimp is at 65,000 feet, which is close to the moon, which is the “secret” base of our future robotmasters….

source (Defense Tech)

the greatest

the greatest…days of the week

This one was pretty easy to come up with. Having 7 days in the week is pretty convenient for having a best of list that only includes seven things. So without further ado:

7. Sunday

Seriously, does anyone like this day? Sure you don’t have to work but no matter what you do you can’t have as much fun without that nagging thought in the back of your head saying “Hey! Tomorrow you have work (or school) so you can’t do anything that will lead to loss of sleep!” Stupid Sunday.

6. Monday

I hate Mondays, going to work all bleary eyed, looking at a watch every 15 minutes, just wanting to go home.

5. Thursday

Thursday just kinda sits there, in the middle of Hump Day and Friday…taunting you with end of the week thoughts…but yet you still have to go to work the next day.

4.  Tuesday

Tuesday is a little better. After having made it through Monday, Tuesday just seems to roll off your back and finish its business with you so you can move on.

3.  Friday

eb? Why isn’t this the best day ever? Because you have to work. Case closed.

2.  Wednesday

I mean come on, this is the day “the greatest…” list comes out AND Hump Day. Happy Hump Day!

1. Saturday

Seriously, no responsibilities. No work, no school, nothing to do during the day on Sunday…this is a good day…the best some might say.

Ok there it is, turn in next week when we look at the greatest…numbers of all time! And oh man, there are more than 7 of those…this one might be harder…

awesome DIY

Origami water warfare

Im not good at folding paper, hell it takes me 5 minutes to fold it in half, (but thats probably the ocdness inside me), this was not very hard, harder then the paper cd case.  It’s probably a basic origami thing, that everyone can do, and now i can do it too yay for me!


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Bullet proof iPod case

For those times when your bullet proof/fire proof usb memory stick just wont cut it.  Maybe it’s because skynet is 30-60 gbs of data, not 3gb.
source (Gizmodo)