3M advertisment


A security guard was present to make sure no one broke the rules and that people couldn’t get to keep the money if they broke it. Its still a pretty good idea, even if no one got to keep the money. read more

Duck Hunt: circa 1935


The article pretty much explains itself, pretty cool for the 1930’s. source



It looks like a Dinosaur! I wonder if its comfortable? read more

Lego CD thrower


Philo has another great Lego creation, the Lego CD thrower: this is pretty damn awesome! more pictures, and a video on the jump



Nintendo announced the offical name of Revolution Console: Introducing… Wii. As in “we.” While the code-name Revolution expressed our direction, Wii represents the answer. Wii will break down that wall that seperates videogame players from everybody else. Wii will put people more in touch with their games… and each other. But you’re probably asking: What … Continued

Goolge SketchUp


Last month Google acquired @Last Software, makers of cool 3-D modeling software. Today, Google offers a free version of that software fo all to use: Google SketchUp Google SketchUp (free) is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program whose few simple tools enable you to create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – … Continued

Alternative uses for hard drives


Speakers, a clock, windchimes, and more! Who knew a hard drive had so many other uses? Just be sure to remember our alternative use for a hard drive: microwave site read more

MC Escher’s Waterfall


I’m sure you’ve all see this picture before, you’ve looked at it, and it made you think. Well, here is something else to make you think, a video of it, working, video on the jump.