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Reuse those old laptop lcd

This is still far from finished, but it would be a way to breathe new life into those old lcds from old laptops.

Especially for making a projector!

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Hi i also have an old IBM laptop and i want to reUSE the LCD…can you give me a diagram or if you have “ready-made” circuit that i can use…im planning to use it for an upcoming mod contest here in the Philippines…please reply to my email…

by the way cool blog site…it’s very simple and user friendly

hmmm…you will need a controller to make any of this happen, and the laptop may not be useable as such afterwards.
see the only inputs on the LCD panel are the (internal)40-pin line inputs and the backlight inputs. in order to input to these you would have to remove it from its current location and attach it to a controller card that can translate the signal, then the controller card has multiple input types that it can translate signals from to the LCD for you.(as similar card is used in the laptop to send the signal to a monitor or the LCD.)
problem with these cards is compatability with your monitors input plugs, make sure to check if your monitor is supported by the card you choose.
Ultimately this comes down to willingness to throw money at the project(or ability to create your own controller card) at least that’s my take on the whole thing.

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