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I hate to say I told you so…but I did.

No new iPods, but a new accessory. See it here

This is defintely a huge waste of money. It’s $350, the same retail as my ProMedia Ultras…and you can only plug in an iPod to it. Wow. For my money and for compatibility with your Nano, I’d go with the $280 Klipsch iGroove

Has slightly lower specs, but I’ve heard the iGroove and it is amazing and so much less expensive.

Also, the new Mini disappoints me. Thanks to Steve for pointing out to me that the base price is now $600. When the Mini was first introduced, it was marketed as the first $500 Apple computer. They have added two USB 2.0 ports and integrated headphone/optical audio out though, which is a great improvement, plus its utilizing DDR2.
Read more of the Mini here

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