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Amazon aPod?

Amazon, most famous for shipping books and CDs in the post, has started to look prehistoric as the iPod generation downloads music in seconds from Apple’s all-conquering online music store.

But the company is hatching a plan to topple Apple’s iTunes, with the launch of its own downloading service and, most intriguing of all, a possible rival to the iPod. Geeks are already calling it the “aPod”.

just what the world needs, another mp3 player, and download service, no doubt it will be incompatable with other services/devices namely the iPod, and iTunes Music Store.

When will the companies realize that it is futile to take on the awesome power that is Steve Jobs and the amazing combination of the iPod and iTunes Music Store?

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One reply on “Amazon aPod?”

I dont know about that steve, Amazon probably wont fail. It’s true that many other small mp3 companies have failed in the past thanks to apple, but Amazon has the money and the resouces in place to do very well in this market… At least with the song download…. I dont know about the hardware aspect.

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