the real video ipod?


Think Secret seems to think that Apple is playing us all for fools. Less than 6 months after the introduction of the 5G iPod, they’re saying that Apple is planning on releasing a true video iPod on April 1.

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Many things make me concerned about this. Ok…well two but whatever. Or more, all depends on how my brain feels like working.

Apple is already facing a class action suit because people are pissed that the screens of their nanos are scratched…what will they ever do if something the size of a 5G iPod was just a screen? It’s something that would have to be fixed…and quickly.
I don’t think that Apple would do this…just my personal opinion. Steve seems to think that the patents recently taken out by Apple regarding touch screen technology has more to do with an Apple tablet, which would be ten times more interesting, especially with an Intel Duo.

And yes, Apple’s anniversary may be April 1st. But remember what April 1st is? Yeah. Remember what happened last year on April 1st? There was a big announcement all over google regarding the Apple nPod, a gaming device that looked almost exactly like the mockup of this.

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  1. Tablets dont use touch screens at all! And if Apple plans to make a tablet with a touch screen they will be laughed out of the market. :-d tablets use digitizer screens… Just for the record..

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