apple’s crazy

I hate to say I told you so…but I did.

No new iPods, but a new accessory. See it here

This is defintely a huge waste of money. It’s $350, the same retail as my ProMedia Ultras…and you can only plug in an iPod to it. Wow. For my money and for compatibility with your Nano, I’d go with the $280 Klipsch iGroove

Has slightly lower specs, but I’ve heard the iGroove and it is amazing and so much less expensive.

Also, the new Mini disappoints me. Thanks to Steve for pointing out to me that the base price is now $600. When the Mini was first introduced, it was marketed as the first $500 Apple computer. They have added two USB 2.0 ports and integrated headphone/optical audio out though, which is a great improvement, plus its utilizing DDR2.
Read more of the Mini here

Shotgun Chair

This chair is the work of Alexander Reh. The meat of the chair consists of 450 .12 gauge shotgun shells. The brass ends of the shells supposedly create a massaging texture

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Ok, i would buy that, and most likely use it too.

Rubix Cube for blind people

There are six different basic materials involved. They are Metal, wood, textile, rubber, plastic and stone. Different materials give people different senses, which thus enabled the blind men to play. And here we present the very example of this inspiration – The new Rubik Cube.

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I can’t even get the real Rubik’s cube sloved, but this one looks interesting, if not for the cool surfaces anyway.

weekly nintendo stuff

So normally I’d only tackle one rumor or piece of information at a time, but this week has been filled with so many I feel the need to comment on two.

There is big news out there about at least 3rd gen dev. kits being circulated around 3rd party developers. Awesome news. But it’s not the 1,000 that everyone and their mother is reporting it to be. Read the quote closely:

 “We have shipped over a thousand controller dev kits to developers so that they can begin getting experience with the controller mechanics”

All this means is that developers are finally getting their hands on software to start fully messing with the new controller. The best news? This means I’ll bet at least one dev. will leak something and with reports of more secrets involved in the controller…times are good for nintendo fans.

Secondly, for all those reporting that the stand is also the power supply.

No it isn’t!

That made absolutely no sense to begin with. The purpose of an external power brick is to take that huge heat source and keep it away from the processor, which helps the processor keep cool and the sytem run better. Seriously.

 I don’t even feel like linking this one at all, partly because class is over now.




Deep Thought?

BOFFINS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have got a computer to find out the answer to an algorithm before they actually asked it.

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I wonder if it will be able to answer the ultimate question of life, the universe and everytyhing.

Although, google can already do that for us: the answer

Google Pages update:

Looks like thats another google beta that was open to the public for a tiny period of time.

I was able to get in with my account and make a page:

Its basic, only spent about 5 minutes playing around with it.

my page

Now, they need to link the storage space on pages to gmail.  That will probably come soon.

gmail update

I cannot say how much this feature is needed.  Many a time i replied with my gmail account to my domain emails, or university emails, now i wont have this problem.

Plus, it makes it easier for me to keep my email private.

No spam, im proud of that feat!