Deadly Computer

microwave site

So i’ve been working on making a new set up for the microwave site.

this is what it looks like now: current

this is what i’m thinking of changing it to: new

currently the bottom bar of links is the one i’m going to choose.

tell me what you think.


things we found

Today while walking back from a meeting with a teacher, i found a trash can full of goodies. Not normal goodies, like, trash, but, good goodies, like super old computer ram, some steel bars, some sticks of clay, and a wooden thing that we don’t know what it does. It was funny, cause i went there a second time all alone, and there was a girl standing waiting for class, and i was looking in the trash can for things, and getting all excited talking to myself.


people next door

we learned a new thing today, the people next door to us don’t like us too much. This was revealed in a series of notes transferred back and forth between our two parties.

we hope to strike a tuce before war begins, but, if that fails, fear not, for we will win, that is a fact.


if it were…

if it were a few degrees colder out, it would be blizzarding out right now…..

oh what infamous words, with such deep meaning.

it will turn to snow though, trust me.