How will the humans dissapear?


This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. T.S. Eliot Its a common trend, the week before new years, the networks play specials on The end of the world. They usually do a top 5 … Continued

Google does what?


You may not know many of these things, but you may know somel of them, but either way, you should know all them because for any avid Google user, they are important. Google Desktop indexes your files and uploads the index to Google servers. false Gmail indexes your emails and makes them available for everyone. … Continued

Awesome Chess Table


This chess table was made out of old processors, and is being hled up by an insane ammount of CDs. Pretty damn nice if i do say so myself. Now, if only he could make some peices out of used computer parts… read more{MAKE}

site design


Ooooooooook so, i’ve had a chance to look over the blog now on a number of other computers, and i have finally seen what mike was talking about for so long first hand. The white text on white background isn’t the best on some smaller screens, but from my research, only those less then 15in. … Continued

Goldeneye Source is Out


Granted it’s a Beta 1. But whatever, I’ve always been one to try out things that are even Alpha releases…or things that straight up shouldn’t work. My first copy of Vista got installed on my laptop over a year ago. That was fun…deleted it’s own boot registry. Anway. Download it here Judging by the video … Continued

3 Million Wiis


In an effort to prove Steve wrong/start contributing to the blog again I bring to you this: According to Nintendo’s little white (or black with gold Triforce) console has been sold over 3 million times. In a little over a month Nintendo has managed to sell about 41% of what the XBox 360 has … Continued



I’m sorry everyone who reads this, but i’m on vacation now, and although i do get online, i don’t think i’ll be able to update too much. I get back on Jan 03, so hopefully then, everything will be back to normal. And, if you ask real nicely, maybe mike or chris will post something!

UPDATE: Triforce Wii


Ok, i’ve received many an email regarding the Triforce Wii from the other day. Most want to know what type of paint we used, others want a more detailed walkthrough of the process. Well, i will answer those questions and more with pretty photos in this post. So, hit the click for the process, and … Continued

The current Console war


Ok, if you want a truely indepth review of the current console war (which is only a few months old), then here are 8 pages worth.  This guy has a very nice, and through writeup of the past wars from PONG to Wii.  He’s gone over each generation’s winners and loosers, and he picks the … Continued

Terrorist protection guide


another photo i stumbled upon just now, very interesting, i like the make sure you get up to 88mph part, very nice.