Self Powered Camera


Last year researchers at Columbia came up with a camera that was self-powered.  Using the energy from light itself the camera’s sensor, they not only record an image, but power the camera completely.  They say this was achieved with regular off the shelf items, and I pretty much believe that.  But it’s quite a long … Continued

Alternate History Thursday: Mars


On the 69th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, I bring you news of this mushroom cloud formation discovered on Mars.  It was taken last year by the Indian Space Research Organization’s Mars Orbiter and I’ve been sitting on this news ever since then.  Forgive me. It looks like a mushroom cloud doesn’t it.  It also … Continued

Smart Shoes? (Or useless shoes)


Not exactly smart, they actually make your phone less smart, and less distracting.  How we evolved to need a special shoe to take the place of self control I’ll never know.  The idea that In Good Company has come up with is to make a pair of shoes that pair to your smart phone and, through … Continued

11 miles of Floss


You need to bid on this auction now.  Hell, you don’t even need to bid, it’s Buy it Now.  Quickly, before someone buys all 100 miles of it.  What exactly do you need 11 miles of floss for, well, that’s for you to answer.  I’m just providing you with the solution to the question.  And … Continued



Have you heard of /robin?  It’s the latest April Fools craze on Reddit. There’s still plenty that nobody knows about this experiment, but I will say this, it’s been fun spending parts of the weekend playing around on it.  In smaller groups of say 50 people it’s not bad, but 100 or more start to … Continued

Listen to Static


Have you ever wanted to hear what static sounds like?  Ever since the days of analog TV went away, kids now don’t know what static is.  Well, with this device, called an Elkctrosluch, you can listen in to the unique static sounds of electromagnetic radiation all around you. Now after you listened to that, how … Continued

Magnet Fishing


Did you know of this “sport”  I never heard of it until I stumbled upon this imgur album.  Basically, people attach a strong magnet to a rope and throw it into rivers and bodies of water hoping to find sunken treasure, or murder weapons, or un-exploded ordinance.  In reality, all they seem to find is … Continued

Dot Matrix Coffee Printer


This isn’t exactly dot matrix printing, but the effect is similar.  It’s nothing ground breaking, but it is cool, albeit useless.  Some people at RIT came up with machine that will reproduce pictures given to it as prints made with drops of coffee.  The coffee part isn’t required, any colored liquid will do, but coffee … Continued

Windows 95 on Nintendo DS


For some reason, GBA Temp user shutterbug2000 decided to try and get Windows 95 up and running on a Nintendo DS.  He succeed.  But I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of it is. It doesn’t really do much yet, and the whole setup seems awkward.  There’s no real way to control the thing yet from … Continued